Want to know an easy way to reduce your
double faults in matches? It requires no practice no technique change and we can
all do it. This is Tennis Troll and I noticed this
trend when I started looking at my tennis videos. Take a look at these
double faults. What do they all have in common? Do you see it? All these double
faults occur when the server hits the first serve into the net and the ball is
not removed from the court. The ball is in the server’s view when hitting their
second serve. Sometimes the ball is still moving when the server’s hitting their
serve. This is an unnecessary distraction to the server. From what I’ve seen
recently, more than half of the double faults occur when the server hits their first
serve into the net and fails to pick up the ball before hitting their second
serve. These double faults may be avoided by simply picking up the ball before
hitting our second serve. To reduce the number of double faults in our matches,
consider picking up the ball when a first serve hits the net. This will allow
us to focus on hitting our second serve without a distraction. Hopefully this
will reduce our double faults and help us all win more matches. This is Tennis
Troll. Remember to share this video only with the people that you like. Have fun
and good luck in your next match.

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Dennis Veasley

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