How To Dribble A Basketball Like A Pro – How To Break Ankles | Snake what’s up guys just mentioned get
handles that content i’m going to show you some of the major keys to dribbling
the basketball just like the pros so we’re talking about dribbling a
basketball like the pros a few major points we want to get to that there’s a
lot that goes into it i mean you got to talk about footwork ball-control having
an Arsenal moves all that but some of the main keys just so you’re dribbling
in general that you want to focus on is number one having a high ball in hand
time basically what that means is every time you dribble the basketball there’s gonna be a period of time where
the the basketballs not in either one of your hands whether we’re talking about
from crossovers are regular dribbles there’s a period of time right here
where the balls not in my hand right so you want to maximize the amount of time
that the basketballs in your hands on each dribble and to do that you want to
have a release that slow and you want to catch the basketball alone that’s point
number one number two with that high ball in hand time you want to kind of
float the dribble for the most part we’re going to talk about how you gonna
you know add some variety to this in just a second but for the most part you
want to be able to float that dribble so that frees up your feet to move around
on the court ok and move the basketball so floating
the dribble is point number two . number three work on that snap on your dribble
and what the snap is basically your wrist snap at the end every single
dribble you take whether you’re doing more of a slow you know floating dribble
every time you do a dribble whether it’s one of them or more of a fastball you
want to get that wrist snap at the end and that’s going to allow you to have
that float on the basketball so to speak where you float the basketball and we’re
doing a quicker dribbles it’s going to make them even quicker plus it’s going to make it easier for
you have that high ball in hand time because if you’re snapping the dribble it’s going to come down on the ground
and back up a lot more quickly now the next thing we want to talk about is
variety you want to have a variety of ways that you’re able to dribble the
basketball and comfortability with them so we’re talking about dribbling fast
dribbling a little bit you know slower dribbling hi dribbling low having that
variety so you know working on pound dribbles to work on your dribble speed
working on dribbling low for tight situations working on dribbling high and
moving the basketball for selling fakes and moving you know one covering more
ground your dribbles all these things are going
to be important elements that you need to have in your game now i know i just
gave you a ton of stuff to work on right there but if you want an easy way to
make sure you’re hitting on all the major elements you need to have to be a
great ball handler click this link in the top right hand corner of the screen
that’s a free workout works at every single element you need to have to have
handles not just like the pros but like the superstar pearls you can get it by
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and get after your goals today How To Dribble A Basketball Like A Pro – How To Break Ankles | Snake

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Dennis Veasley

34 thoughts on “How To Dribble A Basketball Like A Pro – How To Break Ankles | Snake”

  1. when I dribble,I pound the ball and catch low to high,does this mean ball time in hand and should I done this every time?

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  3. Snake, Great videos and my son is making incredible advancement following your tutorials. Pleeeaase make a video that demonstrate the details of float dribble in a workout format. 3 mins of straight dribble demo is all it needs. We understand your points in this vid, but he need a detail repetition process to go by and follow. Thanks man Great Job !!!!. No Excuses , No Days off is his motto.

  4. Your head is to shiny

    Btw im not trying to be mean but thanks that you thaught me how to dribble like a pro

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