what’s going on guys I’m coach Haywood, AKA King handles, here with visionary basketball and today we’re gonna show you
how to do the Allen Iverson crossover alright so guys today we’re gonna do the
Allen Iverson crossover I don’t never since probably won the best ball
handlers the league’s ever seen probably basketball in general the way higher
dribbles the ball the way how cells is moved the way how he sells his crossover
so today I’m gonna show you guys how to do that to the to do is uh one of his
top moves okay so the key for this move is selling you want to pretend to go one
way but actually going the other direction so you got to really sell and
show that ball right so basically how to do it is okay if you even watch all
knives and you slow down the tape okay he’s pretending to go this way so when
you when he’s pretending to go this way he’s sticking that right leg out okay or
your left leg would either either hand you could do it okay
so BC if I’m going my right hand I got to stick out my right foot so my right
foots forward my left foot kind of back but look at my gap right and look at me
I’m an intern athletic stance knees are bent okay so I’m pretending to go this
way right but really I’m gonna go this way okay but how the move really really
works he’s selling his shoulder he’s dropping that right shoulder right and
going over here so it’s kind of like a jabbing like he’s jabbing out and coming
here but also jabbing his foot his shoulder his half of his body is going
on one side the other half is stand on this side right so it’s kind of like a
lunge like you’re lunging okay and you got to move you got to move that
shoulder alright so it’s one two BAM but look at my head
when I do it right it’s one two kid right my head is going
this way and I’m going that way so go here here boom okay and I’m shaking
my body right you got to shake your upper body so one two fan right it’s
push-pull over here right one two here right one two here but even look at him
he pauses for a little bit right so he does kind of a hang trouble right hangs
it want to hear right freezing the defense is very crucial right you have
to free the defense you can’t go fast every single time you have to slow it
down give an opportunity for the defense to relax because that’s how you get the
defense on their heels right so remember you always want to keep it here pretend
like you’re gonna go this way my right leg is out okay if you know if
you want to cross from left to right the left foot is out this way okay all right
pretending to go here pretending to go here right if I pretend to go here I’m
gonna go like that way right okay and when you guys shaking when you guys want
to really sell the move you’re going from here one two here okay
one two here one two – all right okay so right now I’m gonna show you
guys how to really practice that move in the game situation okay we’re going to
sue the same movements we did like I showed you guys I told you guys
basically we’re gonna do the same movements but now we’re going to do it
in a game situation going to the basket all right okay
all right so when I come down right I’m gonna go from left to right I’m gonna go
finish I’m gonna finish with my right hand so I’m gonna come down here okay
when I get close enough to the cone you don’t know we you don’t want to be too
close here remember this is a defender you don’t be too close you always want
to get a nice little gap in between okay so you could sell your move and do your
move okay or even have room to do your move okay so I’m gonna come down I’m
gonna start here to the behind this blue line here I’m gonna come down here
okay I’m gonna have that foot out here I got to make sure have that foot out I’m
gonna sell so I’m gonna go here push out here pull and I’m gonna go do a
crossover keep it in lassen low all right make sure you guys got a part
pause do a hand dribble and sell it sell that foot so like you’re gonna go to the
left side but really going to the right side okay so I’m going to come down here
to boom finish the right hand layup well so once
you practice goal from left to right with your right hand make sure you go
from right to left finished with your left hand or the opposite hand doesn’t
really really matter alright remember you always want to work
both ways okay same thing I’m gonna have the ball on my right side here okay
coming down here remember you want to sell that foot right you want to pause
hand dribble you remember guys quick note you don’t want to put your hand
under the ball because that’s gonna be a carry right you want to put it to the
side on top of the basketball okay and you’re crossing over nice and low
remember push pull right hang dribble go push one two pull right go to the lip
okay that was the Abhinav crossover remember we want to sell that crossover
okay sell it sell it is the key and doing hang doable okay if you guys liked
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Dennis Veasley

10 thoughts on “How To Do The ALLEN IVERSON CROSSOVER!! (Elite Basketball Crossover Tutorial)”

  1. Watching in South korea with friends:) Really helpful !!
    한국에서 친구들과 잘 보고 있어요!
    많은 도움이 되요:)

  2. Good breakdown of the elements of this move, but I thought you should look in the direction of your lunge a tad longer to really sell it. The look seemed too quick to me. Not being critical, just a thought.

  3. You can’t teach it homie no one can . That’s how you do it.Not hating but everyone tries to imitate it but it’s never the same as as his

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