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Dennis Veasley

61 thoughts on “How to Do a Pick & Roll Play | Basketball”

  1. did the black guy just make a fried chicken joke? hey white people- whose been telling them all our secret jokes!

  2. This actually helped me explain a pick/screen and roll to a friend that didn't know basketball. She later challenged me to some one on one. Which eventually led to more "one on one" ;D

  3. How dont you understand its simple screen when you screen roll off the defender and wide open layup right their

  4. that was cool, raise your hand after screening and shoulder to shoulder to be a target for passing.. nice tip

  5. Kids these days that think there good cause they can dribble uh gets on my nerves, I wish everybody new how to atleast play basic basketball

  6. Thanks King Arthur for throwin up westside.
    I showed my 6th grade girls basketball team this video, I didn't notice westside before, but the girls pointed it out and now they throw up westside randomly at practice and games. Thanks again for the tip!

  7. Bad jokes… to much bla bla bla… and they don't even have defenders to explain it… I recomend Larry Bird´s video teaching pick and roll, you learn twice in half the time compared to this video.

  8. Broadway and his crew came to Alwood School in Alpha and Woodhull Illinois. What a great time! They are very loving and kind. I highly recommend having them come to your school. They play against former graduates of the school and have a fun time. Can you show a pick with a defenders involved so kids can see and understand please?

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