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Dennis Veasley

86 thoughts on “How to Do a Diamond Cutter | Basketball”

  1. @ matt hill, they are like the Harlem Globe Trotters so they are presenting as the personalities they are in a show.

  2. Well actually these dudes play the same kind of ball the harlem globetrotters do…family entertainment w basketball. They seem cool dudes the video is enjoyful,helpful and has a purpose to show scrubs like you how to pull this move off! What the hell do you want a customized video just for your sorry ass? first learn to unbox a basketball lol

  3. is this move even legal in basketball because correct me if i'm wrong but you dribble then do this don;t you have to give up the ball or it'll be called travel?

  4. I appreciate the tutorial but can you guys stop talking so much and just get to the point?  The humor is funny but at least cut back on it. 

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