Welcome to the channel of coach EmRatThich. Today, I explain to you how to do a
strong backhand flick based on a tutorial of a beautiful chinese coach. Special thanks to Okawa Ping Pong at chuantt
website, I will translate some important tips to perform a good backhand flip. This is one of the 10 standard table tennis
lessons provided by the young table tennis coach. She is also very cute. Backhand flip is a good technique to return
the short topspin or the sidespin ball over the table. This technique has become a standard technique
in the modern table tennis nowadays. This technique requires you to use the wrist. Look at the way this coach has turn back
her wrist. Some amateur players forget this step, so
they can’t do a backhand flick correctly. Pay attention to the grip, she has moved her
thumb forward to favor the backhand grip. This grip is important as it will stabilize
and add power to the stroke. First, you should watch the ball closely. And then lift your elbow. You must lift and
put your elbow forward. This is important because if you keep your
elbow close to your body, you can’t use your elbow as the
axis of rotation. By putting the elbow
forward, you can now easier to turn back the wrist toward your body. This step is
crucial to make a good impact to your backhand flick. Second, use your right leg to step toward
the table. You should also lean your body to
lower the center of gravity. If you are too far from the table, you can
miss the good timing to flip the ball. The closer you get to the ball, the better
chance that you can hit it properly and impact a good power. Look at her grip. She holds the racket loosely which can help
her to accelerate at the right moment. Some amateur players just hold the racket
too firm, and then can’t do a smooth stroke. So remember: Step toward the table, put the
elbow up and forward, turn the wrist maximum so the blade points to your body. Relax the grip, and accelerate when the
ball is at highest position. Hold the racket loosely can also help you
to turn back your racket maximum. Prepare
well for the stroke, and accelerate at the moment. You should flip the ball when it is at
it’s highest position. Look at my video about timing in table tennis. Turn back the wrist
so the racket head can point to your body. If you can’t do that, it means that you hold
your racket too firmly. Relax more. Do you
know the name of this beautiful chinese coach? She is so nice and her
technique is so smooth and standard. She is a very good coach, I think.

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92 thoughts on “How to do a Backhand Flick in Table Tennis”

  1. Just to help you out. You don't pronounce the 'o' in 'lower' the same way you pronounce 'how'. But you rather pronounce it the same way as you do in the word 'no'.

  2. What is better? Alwood blade or ALC/ZLC carbon blade? Right now im playin with alwood stiga blade and thinking about changing soon. But i dont know what i should get.

  3. In the video "Training with legends" You stated that zhangjike waited half a second after the ball reached its highest then do the backhand flick. But in here you said do in the highest point. im confused??

  4. Hello coach, juste petite correction de prononciation. POWER is pAower, good job. but not lower lAower. Lower is LOower.

  5. Would you please make a video about the best Chinese rubbers, I've asked you before twice and I won't stop asking. Thank you for your awesome lessons 😀😀😀😀

  6. Hi EmRatThich   Her name is 赵依依 zhao yi yi, college studendt who lives in Jinan, Shandong, China. Now she works as a reporter in Shandong TV stattion 🙂

  7. Where is the contact point on the surface of the racket when doing the backhand flip? If we think that the surface of the racket is a face of the clock, at which point do we make the contact?

  8. pls analysize Fan zhange Dong's or Zhou Yu's backhand flick, especially when he faces the back spin services from the opponents

  9. i wasn't expecting anything but her form is actually good. though this wouldn't work vs underspin and is the hard one to do.

  10. i dont think the atractivness has nothing to do with tt, but it gets more views, and so, more people to the sport, so… well done 🙂

  11. EmratThich you're awesome. #Hat_Tip. Anyway, I'm Fekie Adila table tennis coach in Indonesia (I'm sorry my English so bad). I just want to discuss about the shoulder, I think:1. The shoulder must be contribute (not just focus in elbow). 2. Before impact (hit) the ball, shoulder position like 'hug' for level up the explosive power. 3. I want to know who is she? Hahahaaa.. can you help me about it?I will be waiting for link about her. Thanks a lot. >,<

  12. These instructions were a lil biased to left handers! …well actually only one, the one about placing your right foot.

  13. Cô gái này người Việt Nam hay Trung Quốc vậy Ad? nhìn xinh gái quá, mà cổ tay cũng khéo nữa.

  14. I'm Chinese. I was born and raised in Beijing but I suck at table tennis and my favourite sport is actually rugby. 😀

  15. my coach looks similar and wears sexier outfits. very lucky i am. she is a brutal coach and expects high standard at all times. dont let the cuteness fool you.

  16. Thanks a lot 赵依依 zhao yi yi! Because of such a cute and talented coach as you, I have more reasons to work on my table tennis skill! Greetings from Belgrade, Serbia! =D

  17. pls feature a beautiful coach with big boob. we like to see the boob bouncing in sync with the ping pong ball

  18. i have played for 3 months in club or comunity in my home town, but sometime reading (ball no spin, spin ) ball is sttil difficult. when the tecnic on video can be applied if the ball is any spin ?

  19. hello EmRatThich whenever i try the backhand flick the ball always hits the bottom of the net can you tell me what im doing wrong thank you 😀

  20. Lol my friend's name is nikita and at the start of the term some random guy accidently called him chikita. Then i found THIS and every time i do the backhand flick, i do two things: 1) Yell "CHIKITA!!" 2) Look at his clueless face.

  21. Her motion is very good. I think the flick can even be stronger if she also twist her waist in a coordinated manner.

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