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Dennis Veasley


  1. Excellent video . My practice down swing always felt more comfortable . Compare to my swing when addressing the ball .Now I know what I was doing wrong but couldn't work it out . But now have got a really good idea . Once it was explained to me in more detail 10/10 from me 👍🏻

  2. I've been working on this since I watched your analysis on Bubba Watson. Easier said than done! What's your opinion on the orange whip training aid for developing the kinematic sequence, Adam?

  3. Adam;You mentioned in the video resisting the urge of 'yanking the arms down'. I find that urge very strong. How would you suggest fighting this urge? Regards,-Brian

  4. This is an excellent video. I find with myself as well the urge to pull down on the arms also throws my body towards the ball – you can see it with my right knee and going up on the toe faster than if I try to resist the urge

  5. Adam, the sound quality on those clips is pretty poor with maybe half the volume compared to when you are on the course. would be good if you could fix it.

  6. Adam can you make a video for the golfers that pull out of their swing and top the ball.My daughter is 14 and she doesn't stay down threw her swing.Maybe a couple of drills.

  7. I feel like my hands are so quick that I really have to slow down and pause some at the top in order to not come over the top. But I have times when I'm hitting the driver good for a few weeks and then go into a slump… So I'll try this out

  8. I kind of missed the part how it is possible to NOT release the arms at the ball but hold the energy, is that a to active rotating of the upper torso not allowing the arms to catch up?

  9. Adam, massive massive thank-you (again!), for your video uploads! … So informative, yet easy to follow, and digest, and easy to bring the ideas/concepts/tips/fundamentals out to the Range and The Course!  Keep the content rolling! … Regards, Simon & son Teo down at The Sands (Vic, Australia)… My son isn't even 8 yet, and he is hitting balls at least 3 days per week… Loves golf!… Gets his Driver onto the greens on Par 3, and on shorter Par 4's he is usually Driver, 3 Wood, Chip, Putting! 🙂

  10. Adam, why is it that I never see or hear instructors talk about where they look when hitting the ball. I've heard some say they look at the back, the middle and even the front of the ball. Famously, Bobby Jones told people he didn't look at the ball at all, he just knows where it is. Can you explain please! Thanks.

  11. I really enjoy all of your videos. At my age of 81 they are very helpful, although the ball doesn't travel as far as it used. My clubs do get a nice ride in the trunk of my car none the less. lol

  12. Excellent video. I'm 69 and trying to get back in shape. This I'm sure is motive to stretch more. My problem is I consistently come over the top. Can't wait to get to the range.

  13. Adam, Can you tell me what some of the symptoms might be for being too quick at the top? My most errant drives are usually snap hooks. I've been told that can come from yanking the hands down.

  14. Really key for power. I'm able to do it quite easily with low/mid iron but having a hard time duplicating it with woods and driver especially. Anxiety because knowing it should be long? maybe…

  15. Hi Adam, am struggling with consistency in driving, some great, some not. Should I be looking to keep my head and spine in line with the ball, or is some movement expected? I tend to hit straighter and further with less lateral movement.

  16. John Daly has, if not my favorite, at least one of my favorite golf swings. How such a big guy can have such a comfortable, fluffy golf swings is unbelievable. I love it.

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