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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “How to Crochet knit ENGLISH #Amigurumi Ball Tutorial – Free Online YouTube Video Class Art”

  1. What's the formula for the first "round" of stitches? As in, you made 3 single crochets, joined them together, then made 9 stitches from the inside of the circle. Is it 3 times by itself, or just 3 + 6?

    Hope that made sense. Your tutorials are great, btw! X

  2. I'm quite new to crochet so I don't understand a lot of crochet terminology, what does she mean by 'individual' and 'increase' ???

  3. Hello, I'm trying to do the cat characters but can't seem to know how to start it off. I'm really struggling. please help! thanks

  4. When i make amigurumi, i always found the start of my new round shifted to the right a bit so the start of every row is not in a straight line. Can anyone tell me why and maybe give me some pointer?

  5. I wonder if you could help…I have a project where I have to attach two balls and install a doll joint to make the head rotate, and I have no idea how!

  6. HI!! I am a beginner at crocheting but learning pretty quickly by watching youtube videos.
    I was wondering how you figure out the pattern to crochet a ball size on your own. I can only follow what I see on youtube for whatever size ball the video is on but if I wanted to crochet a ball size of my choice, how would I determine the increase and decrease amounts?

    Thank you!!

  7. I made this ball and I am very happy with how it turned out. But if I wanted to make a smaller version how would I do that? Would I just not make as many increases?

  8. i am trying to make it a large ball in order to make a pillow, how do i do this without it turning into an odd shape?

  9. hope I can do this … just bought the crochet stick … it looks damn good … don't know if I will be able to

  10. You should have what stiches your doing above your project I'm sure I'm not the only one that forgets or is faster….all in all the ball is great.

    Plus people that don't speak English will know how many & the sc and dec2tog.means

  11. thanks for such a easy to follow tutorial ☺ I'm a beginner who just wants to learn more and more and such videos are a great help!

  12. This is a great video!
    I also have crochet videos on my channel
    It would mean so much to me if anyone would check it out!

  13. This video helped me years ago in knowing how to start designing my own stuffed animals for gifts. It is still a great resource when telling other people how to do a magic circle. Thank you!

  14. I visited many sites and watched many videos.. but THIS IS THE BEST EVER. GOD BLESS YOU.. I finally managed to crochet in the round!!! Thank you a million times

  15. Thank you for a very thorough video. I'll be making some pieces based on the ball shape. What kind of yarn is usually used? Cotton or wool?

  16. I am trying to make a ball that has a nipple on it, like the boobie beanies, but as a ball. Do you have any recommendations?

  17. This is super easy! I showed it to a little girl who asked me to teach her and she got it so fast. It's perfect for beginners.

  18. Great video. Ive got idea when i watch this. I will try make some Amigurumi Easter eggs for Easter.

    Do you thing this can help?



  19. Ok so before I watched this video I made a stuffy. I wasn't make it correctly though, I was making a square and then adding stitches to the side. This video really helped me

  20. really really difficult for me to follow, I can hardly see what your hands are doing and you are going way too fast – I have to pause every few seconds, then rewind, then try figure out where youre putting the hook, then pause again, etc. I'll try a different video.

  21. Just wondering, how can we make these balls into animals for example. Do I add a second layer or do I use different colors on the ball itself? I'm planning to make a penguin for my friend and I admit I am a beginner. By the way, I know this was posted Long ago, but it's worth a shot to ask.

  22. This is practically ASMR and I love it. Also very educational, although I'm not quite skilled enough to do this with as much ease as I'd like.

  23. The first time I learn the definition of Amigurumi I just fell in love with the entire crochet thing. I'm so eager to learn how to master these skills just for the love of my great newfound obsession with Mickey and Mini Mouse. I'm sure when I do actually learn it, I will make tons of them for the love that I have for these cuties toys. I have to find the way to learn these skills in my spree time, I hope It's not too difficult to master.

    It brings me back so many childhood years. I'm sure my room will be filled with Mickey and Mini Mouse Amigurumi in no time. hahaha.

  24. This tutorial is so helpful!!! I made an orange one and turned it into a miniature basketball for my friend.

  25. your video is great I extended the raws till 7 then increase to make (kirby) as a gift for my little sister which is her favorite character.
    thank you so much for the great video.
    so much 💖 from ksa.

  26. Thank you so much for this tutorial! I've been hunting for something like this to make an animal head for a baby blanket and this is perfect! 🐰

  27. Great video. I made one and stuffed it with beans inside a sock for my puppy. He loves it, it reminds me of a hacky sac. Thanks!

  28. OMG, I can't believe that I finally found a person who holds her crochet yarn like me in the left hand. HA HA HA! People used to laugh and make jokes about that little knuckle bouncing up and down when I crocheted. Anyway . . . I enjoy you, your site, and your videos and your voice is soothing to listen to.

  29. My sister in law wants me to make a teddy bear head for a 3 to 9 month baby sleeper. She is making on of those memorial baby sleeper teddy bears. I need to make the ball bigger than that. Something like the size of a 3 to 6 or 6 to 9 month babies head. Any help would be awesome. Thanks.

  30. Oh wow, thank you so much, this video is amazing. You've taught me (btw it took me 3 years just to learn to crochet!!) how to make my very first ball 😊. Very happy indeed thank you xx

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