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Dennis Veasley

74 thoughts on “How To CLEAR YOUR HIPS In The Golf Swing (THE TRUTH!)”

  1. Thanks for the advice and drills! It's one of the areas I'm working on in my swing. I look forward to putting it into practice soon.

  2. great lesson Adam, just tried it in my golf net and I got a really good feeling of anchoring on my left foot through impact. Even though I am a low handicap player I always finish on my toes with a feeling of falling over. This lesson helps a lot with my balance

  3. Adam, thanks for the video. I really like your ability to explain and demonstrate the feels of the golf swing. This is a great one and one that I struggle with. I'll watch it multiple times I'm sure.

  4. Adam excellent video on one the key movements to creating good contact with the ball. I will try this exercise until I’ve cracked it.

  5. Another great video, Adam. You make complex concepts seem so simple; I love the analogies comparing the golf swing to various other athletic movements. Keep up the great content.

  6. Your instruction is always helpful because you show there are multiple ways to achieve the feel to get the results you are working toward

  7. Great video. I’ll give this a go, no matter what I’ve try my hips are only ever back to the address position at impact rather than open.

  8. I would love to fly out and take a couple lessons with you. You make it look so easy and logical. Thanks again!

  9. Adam…great thoughts on separating your hips from your shoulders. Going to use this as my "swing key" for my round today. Also love video #2 in your Gain 25 yards video series!

  10. Adam; Thank you for this one. I have NEVER had it explained like this and now I have some more hard work to do.

  11. I like the thought of what you got going in the separation, looks good for an old guy to work on, now if I only knew of one.

  12. I see a lot of "how to fix over-the-top" golf videos – but what about a video on how to fix a flat swing, the opposite of over-the-top?

  13. I have been having trouble knowing how to swing myd irons properly. At first it seemed
    like my long irons liked to hit down on the bavll so the loft would send the ball upwards & my short irons liked more of a scooping stroke to loft the ball up. Lately that seems to have changed. My long irons seem to do better with more of an even or scooping stroke at impact. My short irons still seem to like that as well but they seem to be able to work either way. I’ve never taken a lesson so I don’t know exactly how I am supposed to be swinging my different irons. Or is it the same swing style for all of them?

  14. Adam, great video as always. Helps to explain how to increase club head speed and generate power. As you watch the video, note that all the pros keep that trailing elbow tucked in. That, along with the hip movement, is key. I can now hit my 3W off the tee 250Y w/o tons of effort.

  15. I’m new to golf and love your videos. Is there any sort of order I can watch your videos in for best results. I find myself trying to do to many things and getting ahead of myself. Thanks

  16. Would it help if it felt like you began the downswing before your hands reached the top of your backswing? I.e. hips and legs going in one direction while hands go in the other?

  17. Wow, I just tried this in the yard with some foam practice balls and almost immediately felt a huge increase in club head speed! Thanks!

  18. Thought I was getting a trial subscription, my wife pays the bills so I didn't notice until a year later that I was still being charged and never opened a lesson, I just deleted everything as it looked like marketing. I asked for a refund but was told the "system" would not allow that. Funny, I bet the system put my money into Adam's pocket but he just can't get it back out!
    Careful with this guy!

  19. Really, really explains a problem I have been having causing me to snap hook my shots to the left.  I can now work on correcting my problem just by watching this video.  Understanding what is going on with the hips, I feel confident solving my problem.

  20. Great lesson Adam..That's my problem forever, my iron play is never consistent, weak and balloon to the right..I will try this drill Thank You!!

  21. Great lesson on separating the hips from the torso. I’ve been working on this and it’s helped my ball striking a lot.

  22. I'm a lady golfer and find your lessons on this channel clear and easy to understand. Thank you and keep posting these great videaos👍🙋

  23. This is a very interesting video. I have found of late that my swing is much better when i keep my lower body 'quieter', and I seem to come across the ball when my hips are too aggressive. It's interesting to think that this is a co-ordination issue and that the lower body and upper body need to work in such a way that they do not interfere with one another. I will keep this important tip in mind. As to the second tip, i have never been able to understand how to operate that 'dip' into the ball as shown in Tiger's swing, I will check out your power course for information but will focus on one thing at a time! Thanks for your very high quality instruction videos!

  24. oh dear! Another disassociation video! Who can disassociated their hips from their shoulders? Not anyone over 40 or anyone 15 pounds over weight! If you are over 50 and try to add speed by firing your hips, while "holding" your shoulders inline to the target, you'll end up in the emergency room with a wrenched back. What we need is a video on how to get to the left side (for right handed golfers) without the left shoulder spinning out ( for most of us, as we rotate the hips, if we rotate the hips, the left shoulder comes along for the ride and we pull right or wipe ). Give us something for the other 90% who have never, and will never, fire their hips like this. How about analyzing Craig Stadler's swing , with that block-of-cement body he was never going to disassociate, but he made it work with a little over the top move and a soft cut. Do a realistic video and you'll help a lot of golfers.

  25. I wrote a comment below, in which I ask Adam to give us a method of playing golf that DOESN'T rely on disassociation. The case I make is that only the most accomplished golfers ever really develop the skill to play golf with the proper sequencing. Further, I proposed that body-type, age (and I didn't mention height) and weight all play a roll in making disassociation difficult. Finally, I point out, that if the average 50 or over golfer goes out and hits a large bucket of balls, and REALLY disassociates, he'll (women not so much) be laid up on the barcalounger watching daytime talk shows for a week, as his back recovers. None of these comments were meant to be disrespectful to Adam, or dispute this video's message. The video is 100% on point in defining the very essence of the golf swing: lower body starting the swing (after a nice hip turn back); left hip sliding and turning out to help move the weight to the left side; and left shoulder rising up and staying online as the hips turn under (disassociation). That's it! Just figure out how to set and release your wrist angles and you're there. The problem? Look at the points listen below. They were taking from a "swing faults study" golf.com posted. The study analysed thousands of golfers through an app called Swing Index App. What it shows, is what anyone who has ever gone to a driving range knows: most golfer's fall back a bit (sway or don't shift their weight at all) as they try and "pick the ball up" (because, how else does it make sense that the ball gets up in the air, they ask).

    So Adam, since we know it's a lost cause to teach old dogs new tricks (for sure, give young and beginning golfers this video), give us something new for the sake of our backs! That's all I was saying; and it was out of respect for your obvious knowledge of the golf swing. Maybe Tiger is the answer. It's clear that Tiger is trying some sort of anti "reverse C" swing. That new driver finish looks wipe-py, because he's trying to exit before the full force of the swing hits his back ( well, it is a wipe swing; left is his miss). I've been trying a Webb Simpson move ( I'm a 65 year old, blade using, tips playing, recovering reverse C'er with 4.7 index); Webb, at normal speed, looks like a 16 handicapper the way he appears to fire his left shoulder out with his hips ( in slow motion he doesn't but he "pops out" fast). Let's find a way! For the betterment of golf.

    – Most golfers who struggle to break 100 tend to struggle with their weight shift on the backswing, swaying too far back.

    -Golfers who shoot around 90 also struggle with their weight shift more than anything else, but in a slightly different way. Rather than swaying too far back, they don’t shift their weight at all.

    – The best golfers struggle with the most advanced problem: The downswing sequence. Golfers ideally should shift toward the target, then rotate their body, then rise through the ball. Getting that order correct is crucial

  26. Hockey players are usually good golfers because of the similarities of shots. Best example would be Jamie Sadlowski. Maybe do a vid on those comparisons..

  27. Wanted to give you a shout out. The video on allowing the grip to clear the ball first and throwing the golf club. Has helped me greatly.

  28. Hello Adam, this lesson was particularly helpful for me. Until now I have not been clearing my hips correctly. A noticeable improvement after doing the pause drill and practicing this on the range.
    I am an SGA Premium Member and I watch your YouTube videos as well as the Master collection videos on the SGA website. Have you ever considered putting the YouTube videos (or at least the links) on the SGA website?

  29. Hi Adam, Hope you can answer this because I've watched probably a couple dozen videos for my problem. My lips become lazy at the turn. Meaning once they are square, they stop rotating, Which causes me to stand up and causes me to scoop the ball, having high ball flights. I rarely take divots after the ball and I know I don't COMPRESS the ball with my irons. Any tips to fix this? I feel like I've watched so many videos and none work.

  30. Great tips, drills, and verbalization of something i’ve literally been trying to improve for 2 decades. Thank you. And cheers

  31. Great explanation!! Love how you show what to do. Does make me think of Chuck Berry's "The Twist" dance when I was a little kid. Great videos, you do explain well!!

  32. Yes I can do this but I think it should be practiced on the range so it becomes instinctive so I’m going to focus purely on that and sweeping the ground as level as loss as I take large divots with most irons.

  33. I'd love to watch this video but YouTube keeps playing the same ad over and over. Can't find any way to watch your video

  34. Adam, your instruction and explanation is always so pure and simple. My game has noticeably improved from your videos

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