I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t be really excited to do
push-ups on these mats I thought I’d put together a video today
to show you how to clean and sanitize your mats in the gym customers will really appreciate it if you
do its amazing how many customers make comments to gym
owners after they clean the mats that the floors bothered them before, they just
didn’t say anything let’s take a look at this mat. Obviously this is an extreme example
here but, we want to show you worse case scenario. What have we got here? We’ve got some ground in dirt on this mat, we’ve got a lot of chalk, we’ve also got as you see here some
embedded germs in the mat so we’re gonna show you the best way to
get this mat clean. What we’re gonna wanna do is just sweep it first there’s just so much after and chalk dust on this floor that it’s best to get that up with a broom or
a vacuum before we run the auto scrubber. Later, when
you’re cleaning on a regular basis, it won’t be
necessary to broom the entire floor. So I’m just going to use a
good ol fashion push broom today. We’re just gonna get up the worst
of the dirt and dust here we don’t have to get it all so before we try to sanitize these mats it’s really best to get the worst of the
dirt off of here. There are a couple of ways you can do it. You can do it with a mop, but it’s really difficult, all you pretty
much do is smear the dirt around. We’re lucky enough to have a Bulldog
Scrubber here, where we’re putting down clean water, scrubbing and sucking it back up
with the squeegee. That’s the most efficient way to get your mats clean. The first time you run your scrubber in a gym, you definitely don’t want to use detergent. There’s probably already a lot of soap left down inside your mat, thats left behind from when you’ve mopped the floor or tried to clean it with any other methods. So we’re going to lay down the water and
pick it right back up again. The idea is not to soak the mats. What we’re trying
to do is just get them clean and suck the water back up
behind the machine. So here we go. So now that we’ve got the worst of the dirt off of the four, it doesn’t have to be perfect, we can use our sanitizer. What we’re
recommending is a hydrogen peroxide-based sanitizer.
The other type a sanitizer out there is called a quat cleaner. The problem with quat cleaner is it seems
to make equipment rust. It can make you scrubber rust, it can make your gym equipment rust. So
the hydrogen peroxide is a good choice. A couple different ways
you can put it on, one would be a spray bottle like this
you can pick up at any hardware store, maybe the hydrogen peroxide disinfect will come in a spray bottle
like this. or you can buy a pump-up sprayer like
this these are available at Lowes or Home Depot for about $6.00. You can pour the sanitizer in here pump it up, and disinfect your floor. Hydrogen peroxide disinfectants have about a
%99.9 kill claim. they can kill viruses like Staph, E coli,
and thousands of other viruses that lurk in your gym mats. So for any disinfectant to work it has to
have a little bit of dwell time on the surface that you’re trying to disinfect. So, we take our little pump up sprayer here and basically we’re just going to spray this down. All you have to do is get the gym mat wet. Now we’re going to let it sit on the mat for about two to three
minutes. If you read the label on the sanitizer that you bought, usually they’ll say in that amount of time,
you’ll get the maximum amount of kill on the bacteria on the surface
you’re trying to disinfect. Once our disinfecting has a chance to
sit on the floor for a few minutes it’s time to clean it back up with the auto
scrubber. So what Im going to do is turn my water back up to a fairly
high level because we want to be able to get all of that disinfectant off of the mat. and we’re just gonna scrub normally this
time we can go pretty fast with the scrubber because the mats are already fairly clean. So, there you go. We’ve got a clean disinfected mat. Your customers are
going to appreciate it, they’re going to notice it Your gym will smell better, it’s going to look better, it’ll be a much safer environment for them to work out in. Especially on floor exercises. If you don’t do it for them, do for yourself.
What do you say we take a look at what we’ve picked up in the dirty water tank. So here it is this is what I just pulled out of these
mats, so… the choice is yours, get yourself a Bulldog
scrubber and the proper sanitizer, have some nice clean mats. Or go ahead
and keep mopping the floor and leave this in your mats.

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