Hi, I’m Dr. Michael Helms of Indy Podiatry
in Central Indiana. I think it can be bewildering trying to figure
out the correct running shoe to get. If you go into a running shoe store or if
you look online there are so many different types and styles that are available. There are shoes that are considered minimalist,
with very little padding and very little heel build up in those. There are shoes that are very thick and structured,
and some of the newer shoes are considered ‘fat shoes’ – they have a lot of cushioning
and a rocker bottom to those. When you walk in and you’re not sure what
to get, it can be very confusing. I have a simple rule of thumb that will work
for almost everyone. In my many years of running and working with
runners, I have found that using a neutral shoe, or a traditional running shoe that has
minimal motion control, or even no motion control is a great shoe for almost everyone. So, when you go out looking for some shoes
and you’re talking to the clerk, that would be a great way to start. Let them know that you are looking for a shoe
with minimal to no motion control and a traditional running shoe.

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