[intro music]>>Joey Lancianese: Hey there guys. My name is Joey Lancianese and I’m an associate
at DICK’S Sporting Goods. I’m here today to help you find a pair of
football gloves that can help elevate your game.>>Lancianese: Are you a running back or receiver
looking for a little more grip on the ball? Are you a lineman looking for some extra protection
for your hands? Well then, it’s time to add a pair of football
gloves to your gear.>>Lancianese: There are two distinct styles
of football gloves – receiver and lineman. Receiver gloves make it easier for skill position
players like receivers, tight ends and running backs to control the ball. Defensive backs can wear them as well for
extra grip to make those game-changing interceptions. Receiver gloves feature tack from the palms
to the fingers that enhances grip no matter what weather conditions you are playing in. The gloves’ thin, breathable material allows
for full movement and flexibility. Padding on the back of the hand aids in protection
and can also help absorb shock.>>Lancianese: Now lineman gloves protect your
hands and fingers when battling in those trenches. These gloves are made of thick, firm material
that helps cushion your hands. Heavy padding on the backhand and palm can
help protect against hits and your hands getting stepped on as well. Now some lineman gloves have added support
for the wrists, a feature good for both offensive linemen as well as pass rushers. Some lineman gloves come in a half-finger
style. Now there are perfect for centers who want
a better feel of the ball.>>Lancianese: No matter if you go with receiver
or lineman gloves, you will definitely to have ventilation. This will help keep your hands cool, dry and
comfortable. Ventilation can include mesh around the fingers
or the knuckles. Gloves can also have a ventilated back of
hand as well. And remember sweaty palms can be that difference
between making the big play or not. And don’t forget the look of the glove. Finding the glove with the right colors and
patterns can give you that swag you crave when all those eyes are on you.>>Lancianese: Football gloves can definitely
enhance your game. The right pair will have you ready to grab
onto victory and not let go. [outro music]

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