welcome to my channel friends in this video I am going to tell you how to do off spin with a tennis balll friends I am experienced in this and wish you believe me friends please watch till the end all the best of luck friends for that pick your fingers like this friends like this ok and turn it on right when the pressure release the ball rotate and landed safely and spin for that your should fast your hand from this you cannot ball it well and ball will not spin so slowly put and speed according to your fingers friends do not need to be worried it’s according to your pitch understand your pitch and ball Nathan LYON and ashwin are amazing SPINNERS and I saw there masterclass and I try it make some changes and watch boom!!! amazing and friends these both were one the best off spinners in the world firneds it is easy to grip a tennis ball and spin it friends for spinning tennis ball you didn’t need to be under pressure other wise bad friends as I practise you can understand that if I can then you can tennis ball is a type of ball which don’t turn march it’s not about variation it’s about finger s plan so hope you enjoyed my video sport your video please subscribe and like comment and share THANKS FOR ehat c ing all the best

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Dennis Veasley

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