Hello viewers ! welcome to Nothing But Cricket.. In this video am gonna talk about “The Googly Delivery” It is otherwise called as wrong’un Let me explain about googly first A normal leg spin delivery will go away from the right hander but when a googly is bowled the ball will come in to the right hander so it’s a variation for the leg spinners and it’ll confuse the batsmen Since it is looking similar to leg spin but spins the opposite way it is said to be wrong’un This delivery can be bowled with a simple wrist variation from the leg spin delivery and many of you guys were asking for this video that’s why i’m doing this video.. For better understanding please watch the legspin video which I have posted before.. Only after mastering Leg spin you can go for googly you can find the legspin video up here in cards so before going into the video please do subscribe and also press the bell symbol To get notified whenever I post a video.. lets go into the video.. In this video am gonna differentiate googly from leg spin for better understanding.. The first and fore most difference between leggy and googly is release point.. the release point of leg spin delivery will be away from the body so the release point will be less in height.. but in googly , the release point will be closer to the body comparing leggies so the release point will be taller than leg spin.. The second difference is regarding wrist position wrist position is the key for bowling a googly While bowling legspin – back of the arm (wrist) will be facing towards our face while bowling googly – back of the arm (wrist) will be pointing the batsmen when we bowl leg spin the seam will face the thirdman fielder and move forward but for off spinners the seam will face towards fine leg.. which is applicable for googly too.. In order to make that happen, the wrist is twisted and back of the arm is made to face the batsman eventually the seam will be facing fine leg position so the ball turns into the batsman so this minute change in the wrist position is the key parameter of a googly delivery It might appear easy but it is really difficult to have a controlled googly delivery the third difference between legspin and googly is the body position Maintaining side-on position is easy while bowling leg spin but while bowling googly it is difficult to maintain side on as we full turn our wrist in opposite side some people tend to maintain side on while bowling googly but most of them will bowl open chested to be more comfortable while bowling googly coz it’ll help the bowler to bowl back of the arm delivery without any strain It’s not always about disguising the delivery.. sometime comfort also matters even if the batsman knows we are bowling googly , he can’t judge the line and turn of the ball.. The main motive of bowling variations is to keep the batsman guessing if we bowl the same delivery continuously the batsman will take us for granted and go for shots but if we bowl googly in between then the batsmen will have a dilemma whether it’s a googly or legspin coz keeping the batsmen guessing will help us dominate the batsmen so we should manage to deliver the googly with at most comfort.. there is no point in disguising the googly if it’s going to be a loose delivery.. instead we can do small adjustments and deliver the ball comfortably the last difference is with the run up.. it is necessary to have a diagonal runup in order to maintain side on easily but while bowling googly the runup might be straighter as we are gonna bowl with open chested release diagonal run up – leg spin , straight runup – googly.. these are the four main factors that differentiates googly from legspin but the most important one is wrist position, coz you cant bowl googly without changing wrist position only when the ball is released from back of the arm and the seam position is facing fineleg, googly can be bowled though it seems to be like legspin, the ball spins back into the right hander by this way you can pick wickets easily * added some examples* if you focus on the difference between googly and the legspin and consider key points you can come outta leg spin and start bowling googly as a great variation release point.. wrist position.. body position.. run up are the main difference between googly and leg spin but keeping the release point high and having the wrist facing the batsmen is very important now let us check out how googly is bowled There are always some exceptions like Rashid Khan , markande etc. these people won’t show the difference between googly and leg spin They focus more and hide the difference between these 2 deliveries It comes by hard practise.. plenty of spot bowling drills you should have the control of bowling where ever you like and whatever delivery you bowl so instead of seeing them and making things complicated.. just focus on your comfort level so we have to consider only about bowling googly at the right spot I have demonstrated googly by bowling and I’ve tried to show the wrist position as visible as possible If you want more clear wrist position display leave a request in the comments Thanks for watching the video I’ve told everything about googly and I’ve also differentiated googly from leg spin The last thing you gotta focus while you bowl a googly is maintaining outside off line whenever you bowl a googly , pitch it outside off and make it turn in and get into right hander basically it’s gonna turn like offie so it’s better to maintain a off spin line when you bowl googly thanks for watching the video.. please do share this video to all your friends and if you have any doubts leave it in comments and i’ll try to take action regarding that and before leaving please do subscribe and also press the bell symbol for instant updates from NBC Thanks for watching ! 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