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Dennis Veasley

66 thoughts on “How to Become a Miniature Golf Master”

  1. there is a Miniature Golf place in my town but it doesnt have those fancey windmills and stuff like that

  2. when i go to mini or crazy golf, i just goto the ramp ones and smash the ball as hard as i can, its so fun, or bash it off the walls, that way its much more fun.

  3. If i took a girl on a date to mini golf and she was this serious about it, i'd love her face when she cant find me and sees my car is gone from the parking lot. 😀

  4. i remeber once on an 18 we thought my friends went in the hole but you couldn't see it so we asked the guy and it didn't go in because a fucking leaf stopped it

  5. not all golf courses give you a free golf game ik one of them that don't give you anything at all, but i do know one that gives you 50 bucks and takes a picture of you and puts on their "special wall" to show people you have done so it is basically like man vs food instead it is man vs extremely hard golf hole

  6. the one where you can get 50 bucks i tried it you have to hit extremely hard but not too hard it is so long it is like a maze finding out where is all the deadend points without a map

  7. Sorry to disagree with you, but some of the best professional putters who are winners of National & World Championships actually putted using the wrists & hands rather than, or including, the arms. Some types of strokes, arm or wrists, also depend on the design of the hole. using the wrists can actually help produce "spin" on the ball for more effective bank shots.

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  9. And good eye-hand co-ordination. If you dont have that you gonna struggle in most sports like me 🙄

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