The long pips if you have a key there that means you know when the long pips push it’s no spin and you loop, they chop back
it’s backspin. So, okay, we’re going to show some. So when the long pips push this one it’s no spin. This one’s bottom spin. This one’s no spin. So you already know it. Now I try to push you to use your your best skill. For example, forehand or backhand kill. Practice. Keep practicing. So every time you’re looking for the dead spin ball. If the deadspin ball is coming in
you can try to kill the game. Ok just like this so this is no spin bottom spin so this one. You’re looking for the chopper they just push back. That one is dead spin, right. So you’re looking for this one
to kill the game. So push, no spin. Push nospin kill the game. And this one no spin kill the game. And also your forehand, same thing
you’re looking for this one. So push. This one’s no spin. Kill the game. This one no spin kill the game. So everytime, you’re just looking for no spin. So you keep practicing. When you play the game you can plan it. For example, when you serve you serve bottom spin they pushed back this ball is no spin. or kind of top spin. So you’re
just looking for this one then try to attack against no spin. So no spin because you know the long pips when they push back it’s no spin, right. Same thing backhand this one’s no spin forward. Now this is bottom spin.
This is no spin. Ok. Serve. I’m going to serve bottom spin. He’s going to push back, it’s no spin. So bottom spin. Serve bottom spin So every time practice like this.
You have to try everytime catch when you catch the no spin
you can kill the game. Then your game going to stronger stronger stronger. So the long pips it’s easy to control because
they cannot control the spin. It’s all your side. You control the spin. So you have to know when is no spin, when is bottom spin. Bottom spin. No spin. Bottom spin. Top spin. Ok. Go practice try to find your best skill to kill the game. Ok thank you.

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Dennis Veasley

84 thoughts on “How To Beat Long Pips Players – Table Tennis University”

  1. Doesn't it really also come down to what kind of long pips they are using? Feint and Curl both have rubbers that handle no spin very well.

  2. So you pretty much helped me with my backhand. Thanks about it. But now I have another question. Whenever I try to play agressive with my forehand the ball most of the time go out of the table. Not like to the air, but a little bit after the end of the table. Like 5-10 sm. But it happens perfectly sometimes. Can you please tell me an easier way to find my sweet spot nad not do the same mistake again. Thanks in advance. Btw great video keep it going 🙂

    Best wishes,

  3. The best thing to do to find the right feeling for your forehand when you are training is to take a little bit of pace off the ball and concentrate on the feel of the shot and generating spin. You can still drive the ball forward but perhaps try playing at 80% pace and once you are consistently getting the ball on at that pace then try and step it up a notch.

  4. It 's very helpful.Now i will start to serve bottom,when my opponent push back i'll kill the game ! 😀 thanks coach

  5. Any tips on how to watch the ball…. I seem to play without looking at the ball, hit some great shots miss many more..

  6. Hi Coach you've really helped me with my forehands and backhands. I have been interested in table tennis but have got no one to practice with. Is practice still effective if I put the table up and practice by myself against the other side of the table tennis table wall?

  7. not a professional but you must wait for the ball to come to your wrist level….that always workd for me….will work for u too…:)

  8. Serve deep light topspin to their pips…. you'll receive a light underspin…. loop strong at their body. This will generate a weak return, then kill it. I'm a 2000 level player using long pips. I like to play against pips!

    Change from light topspin to light underspin to vary it up.

  9. I'm not that good on playing vs pimples, but getting better – I usually reckon they pretty much reverse the direction of the spin I give them and it comes back just as light or heavy, so as others have said, give a light backspin or light topspin ball and you should be able to attack the next one – but if that comes back, make sure you push the next one !

  10. As a pip player myself bh butterfly tackiness c, fh joola octopus, we love a serve with backspin. 1. a short backspin serve, i can flip the ball everywhere, a long backspin serve, i can smash or no spin or push the ball because i use the backspin of my opponent.

  11. Now i reveal how to play against pip, anti, players.
    You serve against the pip rubber with a long fast at the back of the table with a push serve or topspin. if he blocks or gives backspin stroke you know that is backspin and that you are used to, spin this ball. if he brings back the ball high. smash the ball, you're hitting the effect out of the ball, is the ball low push the ball.

  12. Make the rally short, spin the next one. Try getting control of the game, never mind losing the first game, playing against pip players is having patience, wear them out.

  13. table tennis is in this times is stupid as hell, ppl like 185-200 cm are no match for guys like 170 cm, what da fuck is this, im 185 and i stay that table is too fucking low, should be higher

  14. the table is too low even for 160cm guys if he doens't bent his knees. In tennis, the "table"" is the ground that's why coaches always ask their players to stay low! learn some basic lessons first before blaming the table!

  15. is it possible that Coach Li can do a video on how to be more effective with Long Pimples , especially when we play versus aggressive players ? ty

  16. Start with a no spin fast serve to there pips because the pips player needs spin to use against you, then there return will always be week and probably long for you to attack. But make sure you kill the game there or your in for the long run.

  17. I watched this video and won a match 3-1 to a guy I had lost three times previously. Serve deep to the pips and then attack it. Err, "kill the game". If returned then it will have backspin, so loop it.

  18. some players with pips are so strong it is like playing against a wall , kill game does not work,,,the ball keeps coming back with more effect,spin

  19. I find keeping the ball low when pushing helps. I normally use too much side spin. Playing less spin is sometimes good against long or short pimple rubbers. Medium spin high loops can be good unless the player switches to smooth rubber.

  20. Its easy to attack backspin ball with pimples by pushing it horizontally, ball is fast and returning rotation is tricky- like topspin.

  21. In today's table tennis, you don't need advice on how to beat a chopper… choppers these days are at a huge disadvantage almost all equipment favors the offensive players. Ball composition, Ball size, Very Fast Rubbers and even banning of friction less pimps.

  22. For me counter hitting without much topspin works great.  When the pips player chops it,  the ball has very little backspin. So I can keep on counter hitting pretty easy. Then I'll throw in a surprise push here and there, and it usually sets up an opportunity to get in with a strong point winning drive.  If the pips player can attack pushes you only have to be careful with pushing. Be unpredictable with it. And keep it fast and deep, as this will give the pips player the most trouble.

  23. fast and long serves with no spin or only lateral spin helps having a good start against long pips. As less as possible spin when you push would usually preserve you from heavy long pips attacks.
    If you're a good chopper with tackiness C or similar, you can also put long pips in trouble while chopping

  24. When he pushes it back, or backspin serves, i will flat hit with my long pimps! Almost unreturnable ball. Not as easy as he makes out

  25. or play whats good for the goose is good for t he gander. play with inverted on one side and short pips on the other and twiddle like they do. The long pips player does not know if the attack is coming with or without spin . With the advent of grippy pips out you can use practically the same strokes from short pips as you can with inverted.

  26. If you're serious about becoming a top table tennis player, you need to check out Coach Tao Li's complete TTU online video training course. Enroll TODAY at…

  27. Seeing the comments of many, they expect one answer to all pips players. While this video is an excellent guide to cash in the weaknesses of long pips, one needs to try various approaches to handle the variety of long pips players that exist. Also once needs to appreciate the fact that just like the different levels of the smooth rubber players, long pips players also come with different skill levels. The best way is to not avoid playing them, but to play them as much as possible to better handle them in tournament play

  28. So when are you going to publish a video stating How to beat an attacking player with long pips? Nothing for defensive players. Come on, you can do better than that!

  29. I just alternate push and loop. I push the back spin balls and they come back as top spin and I try to loop kill these balls. It is difficult for the LP 0X player to hit balls. They can push through a back spin ball and use the incoming back spin as their top spin so after a push to the LP, expect the ball to come back a little faster. It is important to know if your opponent can twiddle. That adds another level of complexity because the LP player can crush any weak balls you hit to his back hand by twiddling. This forces you to take more chances by keeping the ball lower.

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