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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “HOW TO BEAT BIG DEFENDERS | Learn these football skills”

  1. When the defender is very close to us and we are not in motion as well than what should we do
    I think you forgot to like plzz leave a like behind so that unisport could support us

  2. These skills are to be used on Defenders who dont play too good. The defenders are play with heavenly awesome

  3. Thank you!!
    I used this tips and I beat every single big defender.
    I'm the team captain and we win.
    My team is A.C.S Bucovina Pojorata
    Score: 4-3 for us
    Thank you!!

  4. I‘m 13 years old and I play with other guys who are 15 years old, and my problem is that they aren‘t just big they are also very fast, because they are much taller and older… But hey, it‘s possible to beat everybody even if it’s hard.😉

    Great video!👍

  5. I am in class 7…and in lunch period everyday I play with class 10. I am a good challenger to class 10 but still can't get over their aggressive tackles. And If I tackle then I usually fall.. I want to improve my aggression.

  6. this is a nice video but bro I'm a tall defender and nothing of these can pass me espesialy the one with speed I'm very fast to and plus the defender can just push the other guy or tackle him for that matter no hate but just saying anyways I love you guys and still watching 2019

  7. If you skiller and fast you can play vs the biggest defender in the world but you must be strong and careful because he can broke your leg or your hand

  8. Oh I see what they did in the thumbnail, they put the defender closer to the camera and the offensive player far and it looked like if they were looking at each other

  9. Thanks bro this helped me so much because I'm 5'2 14 year old and I go against some guys that are like frickin 6'0. They always beat me through strength but this video really helped thanks👍

  10. Im a CB an paly for a team but these tacticts dont use to me i the best defender from my league !! And no one dribles me in match !

  11. Yeah..! That was fine the first one do the ball between the legs (nutmeg) option but it was difficult to do our friends or players😅

  12. But there is a little problem:
    What if there are two big defenders, so you can't just pass the ball and sprint.
    You'll get a bodycheck from one and the other one will take the ball

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