One question that I get very frequently
is how do you aim on the serve? Now aiming on the serve is a completely
intuitive process that’s actually learned very early on in a player’s
development, but let me first tell you what happens when you actually are
consciously aiming on the serve. So what is going to happen you’re going to slow
down to contact and then consciously aim with your racquet head towards the
target and this is something that you very often see at the recreational level
where players slow down the contact point in order to direct the ball. And
what you must do instead is accelerate the serve to the max. This one’s gonna go
out wide. I’m going to accelerate to the max. I don’t worry about the angle of the
racket face at contact because that is what determines the direction of the
ball is how the angle of the racket faces positioned right at the contact with
the ball. On the serve is going to be a smaller degree than for example on the
ground strokes and because we are accelerating the serve to the max right
in this area where we’re making contact by consciously trying to aim we would
take out all the racket head speed out of the serve. Now the directional control
on the serve is much harder than it is on the ground strokes or the volleys and
the reason is, number one we’re hitting the serve faster than any other
stroke in tennis and also we have a very small target on the other side. For
example, if we try to direct the ball on the forehand and this is something you
can try, is simply select target and in this instance it’s going to be inside out
and then down the middle and then cross-court you will see that you don’t
change anything on your stroke you simply are selecting the target in your
head and it’s simply accelerating towards that target and you’re not
consciously manufacturing the angle of the racket face at contact because
this is impossible. Contact takes place in milliseconds on
the forehand and even more so on the serve. So you must not try to aim your
serve. If you’re an intermediate to advanced player you already possess
directional control probably without even knowing it you can try it out you
can simply select the target on your serve and this here is going to be out
wide and simply rip the serve there and then our next one select it to go down
the T and you will find that you get it in that same area. Now directional
control in the serve is very difficult. It’s very difficult to pinpoint the
serve exactly where you want it to go and that is because of the speed and the
small target that we are aiming for. Set up some cones when
you’re serving this is a great way to improve your accuracy. Now it’s very
difficult to actually hit a cone but if you get it in the area of the cone it
still might turn into a good serve. So let me try to get this cone that’s out wide,
let’s see what happens. okay so there I think it might have caught the line
maybe there’s a little bit wide I’m pretty happy with that serve. It was close
to the cone and this is how you want to practice accuracy you don’t look for
perfection but look for the general area that you’re aiming for. So when it comes
to your serve acceleration is the most important thing on a serve. We’re looking to
the hit the serve fast whether it’s a kick serve a slice serve or a flat serve
and you consciously aiming towards the target will bring you the exact
opposite. You will slow down your serve in order to manufacture the moment of
contact with the racket head and this will not lead to serve improvement. So
what you must do when it comes to aiming your serve is not to look for perfection.
The serve it’s very difficult to pinpoint especially if you hit it hard. If you get
it in the general area of where you’re aiming to. This is good enough and with a
lot of repetition and as you’re getting better you will be able to get closer to
the desired target.

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Dennis Veasley

10 thoughts on “How to Aim Your Serve”

  1. Thanks Nick .
    Just a question. How close to the lines would you recommend one should practice hitting the serves? Assuming they have good serve mechanics and want to improve their placement.

  2. Should we have an Air Target Sir and if yes, should we also imagine(have an intention) what the trajectory of the ball be while serving?

  3. The cones are just a fun thing…to hit something. There are already painted targets…the intersections of lines. It is fun to hit cones, whether hit at their tips or bases. If hit on the upper ends, the cones don't give great feedback, as the serve may be long. I can't wait for the video on how to walk.

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