You are so small next to him! – Another one? Awsome. Yes. No problem. I’m Olivier, nice to meet you. Can l I try to lift you up? You are so tall. It’s unbelievable Did you get it? Could you lift me up? – Sure. On my shoulder? Can I feel your arm? Oh my God! Jesus!

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “How The Dutch Giant (7.2 ft/2.18m) gained 70 kg in 8 years”

  1. This video has been recommended to me for literally YEARS! And I have finally watched it, are you happy now YouTube?

  2. 0:57 i love how they show the bird before he makes the shake and then it disappears afterwards like
    " That's all y'all need to see "

  3. I am Impressed. Can having Protein in my Diet increase my height after 26 age? I do weight 93 kilos and My leg calf muscles are Big. But My height not much. Maybe🤔 5.7 feet. But I can Run, jump and very energetic,pretty much I can carry my bodyweight.

  4. Save yourself 16min of crap: He gained 70kg in 8 years by putting on 9kg per year…simple as that! BTW what an uggly shape. Has no butt and his skull is tiny. Guess not enough blood flowing up there.

  5. This guy joined the MCU! He got cast in the upcoming Black Widow movie. I'm so glad I will finally see him in a movie!

  6. All I can think of is: WHY? Why go through life with a debilitating eating schedule, not to mention eating the same meals every day like a pet….? Fpr what, muscles? Fuck that!

  7. I was admiring their attitude to healthy and nutritious food , until they put it in a microwave and destroyed most of the nutrition .

  8. he wakes up at 3.00 am and eats…? #mindblown… gotta admire this man's discipline… but what happens if he skips out or forgets? does he like shrink or sthg…. ?

  9. When you actually realise that with a regular body the normal/natural body weight for his height would be around 100-120 FUCKING KG… fucking hell

  10. Dont see what the fuss is about. How many basketball players are his height. Now if he was 10ft' then yes be very interesting.

  11. I could imagine how the Vikings looked and their physical strength! You just need thick big beard and mustache with long matted hair with a horn helmet…….and a huge axe.

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