It’s been nearly 3 years since Serena Williams
last won a grand slam title and I’ll explain how she can end this drought at this us open,
here on GS Tennis News Today. Looking at Serena’s draw, she first plays
a rival that’s not really even a rival Maria Sharapova. Serena has historically dominated the Russian
but needs to make she’s on her game because I have a feeling Maria will have a slightly
different and more aggressive approach in this match. Serenas serve was the difference maker when
things got tough in their matchups. Serena can’t let her get a lot of looks
at second serves because in the matches that Sharapova won more games than normal, Williams
hit more second serves. Still if she keeps the same intensity that
she’s done in their previous 16 meetings I see a 20th win for Serena after Monday night Getting by this match she’ll face either
Time Bascinsky or Caty Mcnally, but I see the young American winning this one. Caty has been the better player recently making
the semifinals of the Citi Open last month, while Timea hasn’t won a tour match since
May and I don’t see her breaking that losing streak any time soon. Mcnally is more of an unconventional women’s
player that like to really use her forehand to dominate and come into the net. Serena needs to be ready because even though
Caty is pretty inexperienced art this big stage these up and coming girls are a different
breed and are fearless no matter the opponent. In the third round Serena wis very likely
to face a crafty challenger with Karolina Muchova and Su-Wei Hsieh being likely opponents. Muchovas chip and charge game caused a lot
of trouble for Karolina Pliskova and is very capable of doing the Same to serena. Unlike how she played against Vinci 4 years
ago, Serena needs to be patiently aggressive while picking the ideal time to go into the
net. On the other hand Su Wei Hsieh is someone
she’s played in the past 3 years ago in fact at the 2016 Australian Open. Serena had very little trouble with Hsieh
as she was able to adjust nicely to her game, but Hsieh I feel is a different player now
than she was then, so Serena needs to be prepared to feel uncomfortable and engage in an ugly
battle. Her round of 16 opponent is a toss up for
me as neither Petra Martic or Anastasia Sevastova are coming into this tournament with great
form, but between these two I’ll go with Sevastova as she’s had good results in New
York in the past. In 2017 she lost to eventual champ Sloane
stephens in a nail biting quarterfinal thriller and last year the semifinals to Serena. Young pole Iga Swiatek has been very impressive
this year and I wouldn’t be surprised if she also made a cinderella story esque run. The quarterfinals is where things will really
start to heat up for Serena as Ash Barty and Angie Kerber are potential opponents. Both of these players are tough for Serena
but I doubt Kerber will be her opponent judging by how defensive and passive she’s been
playing recently. Ash is a more likely opponent, and after rewatching
their most recent meeting the 2018 French Open second round, Serena had much difficulty
with the Barty slice, but once she got control and came forward to take time away, she was
able to make a comeback. In my preview I said the Camila Giorgi has
the game power to beat Barty and I still stand by it. If Serena were to face Giorgi she would need
to make sure she’s on her return game because in their wimby quarterfinal match last year
Giorgi made it difficult for Serena to take control in that aspect. In the semifinals the only person I really
see facing Serena would be karolina Pliskova. Whenever Serena is healthy shes won the match
ups as the matches she’s lost to the Czech were the 2016 US Open with the shoulder problem
and the 2019 Australian Open ankle tweak. In literally all of their matchups Serena
dropped her serve early then clawed her way back and she needs to be cogniscent of this
and have a good start. I picked Karolina in my tournament preview
due to uncertainty of Serenas health so she needs to make sure she takes good care of
her body as well. In the finals Serena could face anyone in
the top half, so instead of matching her up with potential opponents. Im just going to say should she make it this
far she needs to be prepared with whomever she’s going to play. In her last 3 finals Serenas played women
that played totally different than her semifinal opponents which I feel hurt her quite a bit. Obviously the luck of the draw plays into
this factor, but another big one is her nerves and making sure they’re intact so that her
serve doesn’t go away. Its happened in the past 3 finals and cannot
happen in the fourth.

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Dennis Veasley

9 thoughts on “How Serena Williams Can Win US Open 2019”

  1. Serena is a great player,But I doubt it she gonna win more GS…the young ones are very tough to beat, there mobility is fast and that Serena’s problem, when a player is so accurate to put the balls from corner to corner, Serena cannot chase it.

  2. like Sir you have to speak more clearly in your videos as in finish and not swallow the words I have a hard time listening to you.

  3. It's been more like 2 years and change and change since she won but I think she will win tomorrow if she isn't injured.

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