Gymnastics now, and, first up,Tourischeva of the Soviet
Ludmilla Tourischeva led the
Soviet Union
to the team event gold medalat the 1972 Olympic Games
in Munich.
She would then go on to win
gold in the prestigious
overall individual discipline.At 20 years old,
Tourischeva held world,
Olympic and European titles all
at the same time,
and she ended her career with
nine Olympic medals,
including four of the most
precious metal.
She was a serene performer,
consistently brilliant
and a popular team leader of
the Soviet gymnastics team.
So why was the 1972 gymnastics
competition best remembered
not for the performance of
but for the emergenceof her 17-year-old team-mate,
the girl who finished seventh?
Nicknamed the Sparrow,the little Olga Korbutwas a promising star of Soviet
She caught the eyefrom her very first appearance
in Munich.
She had been training
relentlessly from the age of 12
back home in Minsk,
in modern-day Belarus.
Alongside Tourischeva,Korbut helped the Soviet Union
win gold
in the team event.By the start of the individual
all-round competition,
all eyes were on Korbut.There was
no social media in those days,
but it would be true to saythat Korbut phenomenon
went viral.
Imagine a world without
social media!
People actually talking to
each other.
Nelly.Nelly!Watching on colour TV for the
first time,
people around the worldstopped what they were doingto watch this tiny girl
from Minsk.
After the vault and floor
Korbut was in third place.She was in serious contention
to win a medal.
Next up, the uneven bars.Two parallel bars set at
different heights
with gymnasts soaring
and swinging from bar to bar.
It requires control.The judges looking for
technique and composition.Deductions are made for errors,
pauses and steps on dismount.
Up until then, the uneven barshad been Korbut’s strongest
but not that day in Munich.From the beginning,
her routine went badly wrong.
Korbut was heavily marked down,a score of 7.5 effectively
ended her medal chances.
The tears were seen as a very
public display of emotion
and it helped make her
a household name.
Tears. Yep. That will work.Make sure you click likeand subscribe to my YouTube
Tourischeva won the overall
gold medal she deserved.
It was said of her she could
perform on a battlefield.
It was Korbut however who won
people’s hearts,
and she had the support of
when it came to
the individual events.
On the balance beam,she pulled off a stunt no-one
had ever seen before
in international competition.It was a sensational
performance and it won her gold
in that discipline.Korbut followed it up with an
extraordinary display
on the floor.A second gold.On the uneven bars,she made mistakes in the
qualification round,
but made it through to the
and it was now that she pulled
off her boldest manoeuvre yet.
No gymnast had ever scored
a perfect ten before,
but surely this sensational
performance had earned it.
The judges thought not
and awarded Korbut 9.8.
Spectators thought there had
been a huge mistake.
The judges stuck to their
It was still enough to give
Korbut a silver medal.
The audacious backwards
became known as the
Korbut Flip.
But in 2009, the move was
You will never see this done at
the Olympic Games.
It was just too dangerous.Thankfully, the Flip was
not Korbut’s only legacy.
She quickly became a role model
for young gymnasts.
In Britain alone, some 2.5
million took up the sport,
a pattern repeated
all over the world.
The Korbut phenomenon
the power of the Olympic Games,
or, in this case,
a young girl from Minsk to grab
the attention of the globe.

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “How Olga Korbut Inspired a Generation of Gymnasts | The Olympics On The Record”

  1. Olga Korbut is the best gymnast ever. She is so strong and graceful, so daring and beautiful. She did the first perfect 10.0 and was not given but just a 9.8. In 1972 she outdo the compretition, she up the ante and create a new dimension in the category. Then in Montreal 1976, she was SUPERB again at the uneven bars.
    I was just a child when I see her in 1972 and always thought she was an angel.
    She is a LEGEND. She is the Best of the Best 🌹❤️

  2. Olga Korbut y Nadia Comaneci las mejores. Ambas iniciaron la nueva era de la gimnasia. Actualmente pocas gimnastas conservan ese cuerpo delgado y estilizado que hace que los movimientos sean bellos. Los jueces hoy en día prefieren las acrobacias

  3. The USSR gymnastics team was like a relentless machine back then, their athletes rarely showed the slightest emotion, woman gymnasts were generally older and bigger. Along came this bouncy little girl with a big smile who not only showed grace, but amazing athleticism. She captured the hearts of the world.

  4. Ольга Корбут – самая лучшая спортсменка всех времен и народов !!! Зарядила всех своей отвагой юной , лучезарная в улыбке , задорно и легко исполняла элементы . Сколько детей захотели быть как КОРБУТ !!!

  5. They banned that incredible move because it was too dangerous! What a shame. Maybe they should ban boxing too.

  6. Personally, I think Olga was a little better than Nadia. I think Olga should've gotten the first 10 score especially on that scary uneven bar and the balance beam routine.

  7. No es mejor k nadia comanecci la kiere imitar hasta como ella ponía y movía sus manos nadia impuso nadie como ella

  8. অবিশ্বাস্য পিছন দিকের টার্ন। মাথা নষ্ট করা মুভ এটি।

  9. Величайшая спортсменка своего времени. Такой след оставить в истории этого спорта могут только гении.

  10. Don't want to correct anyone, but she is from Grodno (Hrodna) not from Minsk, even if it doesn't change a thing. Grodno is my hometown and i am very proud of it and just want to put everything in its own place.

  11. Уточнение, Ольга, спортсменка из СССР а затем уже из Минска.Тогда не было градации городов, республик.Она представляла на Олимпиаде не Минск, а Советский Союз.Понятно, что, вам, создателям ролика это скорее не известно.Или это умышленно.Типа, Союз не приделах, это Минск Олимпиаду выиграл.

  12. Olga Korbut was from Grodno, a small city near the border with Poland, not from Minsk, a capital of Belarus. Her and my younger brother were practicing at the same gym and were closed friends, and grew up in the same apartment building.

  13. At the time, I swear it was Olga who did it but she was on the beam and positioned in such a way the camera person was looking right at her face as she was bent over and she I the only one who remembers this???

  14. This video was horrible: starts with a completely different gymnast, sais she did something that wasn’t done before but didn’t actually say what it was? Come on

  15. Evidentemente fue una Grande del Atletismo Artistico pero como era Rusa en el Occidente no le dan tantos Méritos que lastima yo la veo excepcional.

  16. Olga Korbut’s uneven bar trademark.. no word could describe how on Earth a young girl could even do that dangerous and difficult stunt !

  17. I'm glad those moves where the gymnast just smashed her pelvis against the bar are banned now, but wow that routine looked amazing.

  18. She was a true amazing different gymnastic; she shared a new technical way and very high level ; a true 10 ! More than Nadia …..

  19. Мне не понравилось, что в одном из поздних интервью она рассказывала о сексуальных домогательствах со стороны её тренера.Тем более,что дело не дошло,да и не могло дойти в тех условиях до чего-то действительно серьезного.Еще добавила бы при этом,что только в этом и состояла заслуга его в её феноменальном гимнастическом триумфе.Из той же категории вспомнились, как по заказу, признания американских артисток в домогательствах со стороны известного режиссера.Что избавиться от этих обвинений мужчинам остается разве что придумать вместо себя роботов для работы с красотками или спортсменками.

  20. Left off her amazing hand stand to chest stand on the beam.
    Also rampant rumors of her being told to throw the competition.
    Rumors got started when she was spotted crying BEFORE she mounted the uneven bars with that extremely rookie mistake.
    Rationale was that the higher ranked Ludmilla was more deserving of a gold.

  21. Her and Nadia, and then The Dream Team for the next generation, taking gymnastics to the outermost reaches of humankind. Each epic and boundary collapsing. Hope gymnastic does not become robotic, already stem cell advantages are noticeable. Be the Best YOU!

  22. Mucho mejor que Nadia, màs creativa, artìstica, innovadora y arriesgada en sus propuestas. De esas injusticias deportivas el no haberle dado el merecido primer 10 en la historia de la gimnasia, pero es que los jueces no entendían ese nivel de ejecuciòn porque Olga estaba muchos años por delante.

  23. Can somebody explin to me why..back in the 60s 70sall gymnast body were tall lean and skinny??.. Now all the girls look like dwarf bodybuilders?😐..

  24. Let's be honest here. Olga's uneven bars was better than a majority of uneven bars today. How was that only a 9.8?!

  25. I think the reason her crying made her a household name because at the time people thought of Soviets as being mechanical and emotionless. Olga crying showed the world that Soviet gymnasts could be upset and cry over a blown performance

  26. И снова иностранный фильм про своих героев!!! ВАЛИТЕ молодёжь, этой стране давать что-либо бесполезно.

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