It is sport in England and it’s very
popular I know it’s similar to baseball It’s a
sport Its a Sport with the ball. Hey guys,welcome to Desi Fiarangi. I’m Khushi.
Cricket is not just a sports in India but it’s a religion and there are many
places in the world where people have no idea about it so in today’s video we are
gonna find out how much cricket is popular among European people and how
much they know about it? Where are you from ? Bavaria I’m from Germany. I’m from Kosovo We are from Croatia Munich Germany, from Munich Macedonia We are from Nuremberg I’m from France I’m from Germany Germany, Munich Do you know anything
about cricket ? Yeah a little bit. I know the
concept I think. Well, it’s a bit like baseball with the bat and there are
three bars behind you and if the ball hits the bar and the bars fall down and they win Its a Sport I know its a Sport in England and its very popular you do it with ummmmm like… i dont know the word for it but you play like this Khushi: bat?
yeah yeah right can you guess what Cricket is? Cricket is a Country! I know it’s similar
to baseball right ? kind of baseball but a bit different now you have a flat
bat and you play opposite side You have a hammer
and you hit the ball with it and it goes through like a little golf and if
you do it you like won. I don’t know Sport with a ball. Yeah, i know a little bit about it. I know that its just a Game. like poker and so I think it’s something
like Golf I don’t know exactly but it’s it sounds like something at the
test you will fall for something Can you name five countries who
play cricket ? America USA I think the
USA I think Australia, England, Ireland or something. May be Scotland Japan, Ireland, France India, Australia South Africa and UK May be
Spain, Australia Great Britain, May be France don’t know Denmark I don’t know maybe
Canada India Well England, Australia maybe
New Zealand maybe Norway Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Switzerland Maybe Canada Scotland, Finland India, England, Scotland, South Africa Countries around India probably so
Bangladesh perhaps, Pakistan Can you guess, How many Players are there in one team? 11 I think 11 May be 15 35 I guess 5 3 5 2 10 Probaby like 5 its 8 to 11 5 3 about 5 5 to 8 people It seems that people
are not well aware about cricket What do you think about it please write
down in the comment section below and if you like this video please give it a big
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  1. well don't worry cricket is going a big sport in the world specially in Europe after England world cup final and cricket is going in 2028 Olympic 😍😍😍

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