Subtittles by: mr.beast 9000 WARNING: The following video is over-exaggerated. Most opinions shared aren’t accurate to my thoughts and views. And there will be final boss spoilers and you’ve been warned. (SERIOUSLY LEAVE IF YOU DON’T WANT SPOILERS!) At least I don’t spoil it in the thumbnail. Am I right? Where is the cool CG opening? Don’t most Mario Sports games have that? I see lots of assets have been recycled from Ultra Smash, like this tennis court. Nice try guys. These Toad announcers aren’t as cool and hip as Pearl and Marie. (WAit wut?) Lame-o’s. Okay. So there’s kind of a CG cutscene for the adventure mode, but it’s way too short This game’s story is nothing compared to the Mario Sports games on the Game Boy Color (GBC) and the Game Boy Advance (GBA) Even though you can level up your XP, that dosen’t transfer outside of single player. And it doesn’t even feel like that much of a difference when you do level up. For the whole story outside of one instance where you rock peach and Daisy But they’re kind of forced to play.Anyway, the adventure mode is only a few hours long, Well, if you’re good, we’ll get to that in a minute. Real knack for this, this game referenced Knack, that’s gross (Knack is a game 4 PS4) The almighty racket is basically the Infinity Gauntlet, (anybody notice the waifu?)good luck with that lawsuit Nintendo your racket can break?!?! What is this breath the wild? (I dont have dat game.) not only that but according to the official tennis rules, there is nothing wrong with breaking your racket But in aces you get penalized when your opponent forces your racket to break and that’s just not fair (I kno rite) Ah, the Piranha Plants are so annoying, SHUT UP. (dat noise is annoying) There is no real punishment for losing in single-player you just try again and that’s it Why does it look like this wooden racket is gonna shred my ball the minute. I hit it I get that We’re on a ship but screw that god dam pole it ruins EVERYTHING .(hate it) Mirage mansions room layout is really similar to the first room in Luigi’s Mansion Thanks for the blue balls Nintendo on that Luigi’s Mansion 3 Madame Raj is the least terrifying boss of all time Oh, no, it’s a mirror. AH. (Bandys sarcastic it looks scary tho) Oh God Guys, come on get off the freakin tennis court. This ain’t New York City. Also, good freakin Lord The difficulty spikes like crazy when you start fighting shyguy. It just comes out of nowhere as a matter in fact The entire game just gets insanely hard for no reason it goes from zero to a hundred reeeeeal quick. A retry button would have been nice considering you have to skip through a bunch of text in the menu stuff to try a mission over Also the missions get really repetitive.You fight a random AI, hit some panels, rally a ball, rinse and repeat the boss music really isn’t That intimidating sounding, it’s just kind of there. Why would anyone ice racket wouldn’t it just break easily and melt in the Sun? How’s bowser Jr still riding his stupid clown car? Like come on get on your feet and get some exercise you lazy bub. Luigi still dabs Don’t you wiggle your eyebrows at me? Ya freak Oh Swing mode because people still care about motion controls in 2018, and it’s not even good controls I’d rather play Wii Sports than this. Why is big ball only available in swing mode? You’re stuck with marina Stadium for every single tournament matchup and it gets really boring after a while. Wow, that’s really fair Just spawn exploding mecha Koopas on my side and not boom-booms real fu**ing fair game like ultra smash you can only pause at certain times during a match the timing for blocking a zone or special shot is Practically framed perfect a bit more forgiveness would have been nice I’m pretty sure that’s an illegal maneuver to use a spiky stick and not your tennis racket you get nothing for grinding out levels in Adventure mode outside of ya know,
slowly rising stats, but honestly, There’s NO incentive to just keep pushing it up shocker, Bowser is the TRUE final boss, who would have saw that coming? (everyone) Well, then that got buck wild, but this video about mini Mario 64 ROM hacks also gets pretty wild. It’s about the craziest and dumbest mario 64 rom hacks out there in the ending Well, let’s just say you gotta see it for yourself it gets lit yo. well I could subscribe if you enjoy this and let me know how Mario Tennis Aces triggers you thanks so much for watching and I hope You have a great day I’m telling you though that freakin pole in the ship levels is still the worst thing ever alright im just sayin, its bad Again (subtitles by: Mr.beast 9000)

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “How Mario Tennis Aces TRIGGERS You!”

  1. Wen yoshi wins he gets hungry Luigi comes to give him the gold cup but what does yoshi do he eats Luigi like what the shit

  2. And
    Yea I meant they all got to pick how long it is and not something else like making the enemy still for some seconds

  3. Marketing (at least in my country) says "racket's mario kart' yet this and mario kart are two separated things

  4. The Blooper tennis match is like a tennis version of brawl meta knight
    The match was so hard that I might’ve temporarily ragequit mta (Mario tennis aces)

  5. 3:20 Then THAT meas that Im a frame Perfect Pro. Idk how but Im a le to chain a LOT of those in the bossfights

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