the solution I’m using springing racket since 40 years I’ve done around 600 tournaments as official stringer with libera how important is the strings in the racket is let’s say 50 50 50 is the racket and 50 is the action of the string 50 50 means you have such a nice frame you buy a very good frame from the pro shop almost you use 20 minutes to choose the racket and then further for the string we have seen that so many times it takes like 30 seconds it’s like having like a formal one a very fast frame very fast car and then if you don’t choose properly the strength you put like a track engine inside this is not a competition color so you must pay a lot of attention with your stringer to put the right string accorded to what you want on what you don’t want advantage of the strength of disadvantage will drawback of the strings you have to make very carefully 50/50

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Dennis Veasley

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