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Dennis Veasley


  1. I have been teeing up to high and slicing sometime shanking but never hooking, so I tend to use no tee or now a very small green graduated tee mixed results some of the better results are compressing the ball off the tee around the nine iron and pitching wedge sometimes 8 but 7 downwards needs a tee !!

  2. Are there any circumstances where it would be beneficial to hit the ball from higher off the face? How does an impact high on the face impact e.g. spin or height of the shot?

  3. hard to practice that at a driving range because you hit off of mats and rubber tees… and the tees aren't that low.

  4. Adam, I'm starting to see how these small and precise changes in ball height and position can make such a difference to the game. I realize now how lazy and careless I have been with ball position.

  5. so Adam, you make great videos – one question, if we are to hit the ball the same way whether on the tee or on the fairway with the irons, why tee the ball at all? Just wondering, thanks!

  6. On par 3's I tend to push the ball out to the right when I have my clubface pointed right on line to the target but the ball still steers off to the right a little and I miss the green on the right side.  Any idea what may be causing this??  Swing path?  Late release?  Thank you Adam.

  7. In the video, "par 3" is always mentioned. I am very new to golf. When are you allowed/not permitted to use a tee in your shot? Is it permitted only when at the driving point/beginning a hole? Only for a Par 3 hole?

  8. My question on the use of a tee is about distance. How much farther should I expect to hit an iron when using a tee? I play a par three course and I often use a tee with irons. I seem to get more distance off a tee. Is that normal?

  9. Very interesting and something to experiment with. I'm lucky my small driving range provides covered bays or grass, and a nice chipping area. You will be suprised very few use the chipping area. Instead go straight to the long hitting. I am told that pros start from the small clubs and work there way up.

  10. Wow. Great video! I always buy shorter, white tees for par 3's, and longer brown tees for the driver. That makes them easier to identify when I reach for one in my pocket or golf bag. However, I do realize now that I was teeing my irons way too high on the tee, especially when using a 4 or 5 iron off the tee! Thanks for the great advice.

  11. Thank you Adam. I regularly play on a course that has a good amount of par 3s. I use hybrids and wedges. My Hybrids are #3, # 4, # 5 and #6. Ping G 410s . Only irons I use are Cleveland CBX Wedges. I have been teeing them just a hair off of the ground like you showed here. Thanks for confirming what I thought was best. Love your golf tutorials. Great stuff. Thank you.. Spider Dubiel

  12. straight to the point, not like these other golf instructors on youtube who talk rubbish for 15 minutes with 1 minute of instruction.

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