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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “How Football Conquered Japan – The Real International Break: Asia”

  1. should do one for South Korea. they actually made to semi-finals during the 2002 world cup and had more success than that of japan.

  2. Japan are the self proclaimed kings of asian soccer yet still second to korea in world cup appearances and head to head record…go figure

  3. Wait a minute! So Japan went through the same way the American got into football and have a league that is still growing on and off the pitch and is getting better. Well, ain't this some hypocrisy?

  4. Great content but wish you also covered Japan's women national team who are World Cup winners. There is also a vibrant domestic L-league

  5. Fuck out of here, football never conquered Japan…Baseball reigns there. That's like saying football conquered the US. I don't think so.

  6. 誰が諦めたなんて言った?日本の男はすぐ諦めるみたいに言ってるけど、そこで試合しているのは日本の男たちだぞ。外国のチャンネルだからって調子に乗んなよ。


  7. We won against Colombia 🇨🇴 ‼️
    Vamos Nippon🔵🔵🔵

  8. Even in their wild celebrations, they are still polite they are not only the role model society just for Asia but for the whole world. Go to the Samurai Blue!!!

  9. Japan just got a hold of football. Next, they are hosting the rugby World Cup and had previously beat the rugby giants South Africa in the last world cup. Don't underestimate Japan. They will dominate anything they set their eyes on.

  10. Good tournament Japan, i really hope tonight that you are going to pass Belgium. Congratulation on reaching knock out phase anywhey, unlucky. Respect from Serbia. Dragan Stojkovic Piksi(Serbian, ex Yugoslavia player 1987-2000) belived in you and telling all of us couple months ago that you will pass group, and with little luck have potential reaching to last phase of tournament. No one belived him, but you showed the world who was wrong.

  11. At the second goal i thought Japan really had a chance to pass…that's too bad but it was a really fun match with Belgium! Nice video =)

  12. fast forward to Russia 2018 WC, they were gutted by the golden generation of Belgium while Japan played their heart out. Massive kudos to Japan.
    They don't dive, play cleanly most of the time, show real determination. Very Japaneseque football.

  13. I'm glad that Japan focused so much on baseball. They have given us great superstars and a beautiful interpretation of our game. Now I'm all about football but my first love is baseball and Japan and Korea are a big part of the sport.

  14. Thats why i love Japanese people when they do something they put their heart on that and they are spontaneous i love it

  15. Your youtube is very interesting.
    Although I'm Japanese, I know history of Japan's football now.
    I'm thankful to you.

  16. As a football fan from India I can totally relate to this
    In India cricket is the most famous sport and football lacks behind it
    But in the last 5 years the growth has been great
    Grassroots infrastructure is developing and more young kids are playing the sport
    We got a new more professional league named Indian Super League and the effect of the league can be seen on the national team
    We qualified to the 2018 AFC Asian Cup
    Played a draw with China
    Hosted the U17 world cup in 2017 and the Indian team giving a fighting performance inspite of our standing in world football
    And U16 team reached the quarter final of 2018 AFC u16 championship where they lost 1-0 to South Korea
    And I pray to God that we keep growing and just like Japan one day India can also qualify to the world cup 😇

  17. god this rewind to the low point of Japanese football competing with the more popular baseball is the exact problem football in India faces, trying to compete with the religion which is cricket. That comment about struggling to get friendlies hits home with the blue tigers facing the same problem right now. I really hope Indian football can rise like it did in Japan.

  18. japan changed supporter culture in asia and spread it to south east asia? you must be kidding. the guy in minutes 12:03 seems dont know anything about supporter culture in south east asia. south east asia has long history in football and supporter culture, not like japan whose football culture is still young

  19. I love Japanese people! They are some of the hardest working, most humble and law abiding people I've ever met! Absolutely nothing like the stupid Chinese.

  20. I've dated two Japanese ladies here in Calfornia! The two best girlfriends I've ever had, much, much better than the fat feminists that make the majority of women in California!

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