This is uh representing the earth. and this represents, what do you think? The moon? Yes. now our first challenge is how far apart
are they like, roughly like roughly, about that much? Okay. Uh… I guess maybe about that far? maybe? About that far? Yeah, yeah
maybe. Roughly? Okay. about like that? im guessing yeah this far but then it’s like here
somewhere rough right there and steal all right
let’s let’s say stand here ok tonight yeah yeah great scene with panels in here ok these are some images i found on a
google image search for the earth and the moon diagrams that are not to scale
are pretty common and I understand why we make them so you can show the detail
without showing all that uninteresting space in between but they can have a
problematic effect on learning because they give people the wrong idea about
the relative proximity of things now if we want to talk about the
distance between the Earth and the moon yeah it’s actually about here think about this it takes like one
second to go from the earth to the moon takes eight minutes for light to travel
to the Sun and four years to go to our nearest star and then consider that
there are a hundred billion stars in our galaxy and as far as we know a hundred
billion galaxies in the universe the universe truly is bigger than we can
imagine and certainly bigger than we can draw it to scale

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “How Far Away is the Moon? (The Scale of the Universe)”

  1. Can please anyone give a clue: what exactly does Derek say at the very beginning of the video?
    It goes like this:
    – This is representing the Earth.
    – Okay, oof!
    – And this represents … (unclear)
    – The Mo-o-on?
    – Yes.
    So what did he say just before the girl identified the tennis ball as the Moon?

  2. Just so people know the distance he is showing. The scale as he presented basketball as Earth, and a tennis ball as Moon the distance between them are 24 feet (7.5 meters).

    If you are interested the closest distance to Mars with the same scale Baseball as Earth and ball little smaller then handball as Mars, it's more or less 0.6 miles ( 1 km) The moon landing was an achievement back in a day and its only 24 feet away! imagine what we accomplish when humans get to Mars!

  3. "The universe is bigger than we can draw to scale". What does that mean? I can reduce the scale to an arbitrarily low value and fit the universe in a single page

  4. Consider the "visual angle" (angle subtended by the tennis ball)?
    When the tennis ball has a similar visual angle as the moon, then that's the correct distance!!!!!!!!
    Hope I guess right.

  5. so means gokou can reach the nearest star in about .543 second?
    whiz about 4.32 mins?
    and zeno can destroy the entire univers in .132 milisec?

    my gosh mind blowing.

  6. moon go far away every day like now they say moon is a bit far away if moon is very far away more tsunami come becaus moon is controling waters

  7. So, the earth is 12742km in diameter. If the moon's one light second away, that's 300.000km. If you divide 300.000 by 12742, that gives you 23 or so. So the tenis ball should be 23 basketballs away!

  8. The Moon is more important than the Sun. The Moon comes out at night when it's dark. The Sun comes out in the daytime when it's light anyway.

  9. From the point of view of that scale model the moon looks much smaller than we see it. If it was the size of his head from that distance it would look more real.

  10. One of the dumbest sentences ive ever heard. "The universe is by far too large for us to be able to draw it to scale"

  11. This is a horrible representation. The earth isn’t that ratio to the moon. The reason people put it close was because the moon is way to small to make it correct. So the people are more right then you

  12. Mmm if the moon is 250,000 miles away how can I see the craters without a telescope? He'll just use binoculars and you can see it clearly.. So binoculars are just as good as telescope? Really? It can't be that far…something is not right.

  13. RESEARCH: P900 camera watching the MOON!!! NASA is caught again… The moon is closer than 264,000 miles… We can now buy an off the shelf camera with an amazing zoom feature to prove the moon is very close by the detail this camera provides….. N.A.S.A is going down!!!

  14. The moon excists inside the earths thermadome numb nuts so take your nasa lies and go boldly where no nashole has been before…ooo the moons really really far away yet we can all see craters and detail of the moon with the naked eye…believe your eyes people not shills

  15. People are so stupid saying moon is close like that, this is classic idiots, nothing more. There are so much proves that moon isn't that close but they still think it is.
    Edit: I am shocked about this people.

  16. If you actually think about it. The basketball and tennis ball illustration. If the moon or in this case the tennis ball was that far away then how come we can see it so clearly with the naked eye and no magnification? The moon clearly is not 239,900 miles away. It's in lower earth orbit

  17. 384,000 km to the moon.
    The earth has around 12,000 km diameter.
    So how many time would you get from 12 to 384 ? 32 times!
    Also 32 times basetballs you can put in line beetween 🙂

  18. Ah, I see this was before it was discovered that the number of galaxies in the observable universe is actually closer to 2 trillion

  19. Well…. Within the distance between us and the moon, you would be able to fit in all the planets in our solar system – with room to spare! So, yeah. It's gonna be pretty far away!

  20. And Earth travels around the sun around 30km/h and it takes a year to complete one cycle, the universe really is massive.

  21. The relative size of the basketball and the tennis ball don't seem true according to the size of the moon we see when we look up. I look up and see what is a tennis ball sized moon but according to this guy the tennus ball shrinks at such a distance and i should see the moon as a marble?

  22. If I was part of it, I would say “I don’t know, but the distance from ISS is roughly…”
    And then I’d put an apple in between the basket ball and the tennis ball.

  23. You talking nonsense , moon is 3 000 miles from earth. So is the Sun. If you don’t know what you’re talking about , shut up.

  24. Distance to moon = 384,400km
    Moon diameter = 1,737km radius x2
    Earth Diameter = 12,742km radius x2
    384,400/(2*12,742) = 15.08

    So, not that far … estimate about 15 times the diameter of the basket ball !

  25. If the basketball is the earth–approx 25K miles in circumference. The moon is 240K miles from earth. The distance from the basketball to the tennis ball should be about 10 basketball circumferences-maybe a bit more-correct?

  26. That's not true. The speed of light only works on the Earth. Light at the same moment from the sun is on the Earth. It is not a fire.

  27. now picture a little spec, perhaps the size of a pinhead coming off that basketball (the NASA Saturn V) carrying tiny little old Buzz and Neil in 1969, to the moon, and back. Sure you did NASA, sure you did.

  28. I asked my Mom how long she thinks it takes for a spaceship to reach the moon and she said around 45 minutes XDDDD

  29. At 1:12, he is certainly exaggerating. The real distance is between 28.5 and 32 basketballs (the moon orbits earth in an ellipse). Exaggerating kinda defeats the purpose of the video.

  30. nope, the circumference of earth is apporx 40k .. 300k divided by 40, 7.5 .. so where he stood is way far from 7.5 time the circumference of the basket ball. if we take it as the point of reference, he should have moved 2 meter at most.

  31. How about this, Distance from earth to moon ~ 400,000 km, Cicumferance of Earth ~40,000 km, therefore 10 circumferances of earth (10 X 40,000) is the distance.
    Place the tennis ball on the ground Roll the basketball 10 revolutions to get the distance from earth to moon. Easy peasy. Simple pimple?? – how gross!

  32. I experienced a scaled version of our solar system in a VR headset…and it was actually spooky. We are definitely far apart from each other.

  33. We meet again, fellow traveler.
    I have received the answer I was searching for, now I must continue my journey through the long forgotten depths of youtube.
    We'll cross paths again, if the good algorithm will decide that is our destiny.
    Farewell, fellow traveler, hope you will find the answers you seek.

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