Since joining Manchester City from Atletico
Madrid in 2011, Sergio Aguero has collected silverware on nine occasions, including winning
the Premier League four times. He is City’s all-time leading scorer with a remarkable
244 goals, 15 of which have come in just 19 appearances against Chelsea. There is no doubt Aguero has been a major
thorn in the west London club’s side, but the fortunes of both clubs might have worked
out differently had Chelsea gone through with plans to sign him from Atletico first. A decade ago, Aguero looked bound for Stamford
Bridge. Aged just 21, he was already making a big impression in Spain and Chelsea were
looking to make a marquee signing to freshen up their attack. Nicolas Anelka finished the 2008-09 campaign
as the Premier League’s leading scorer, Didier Drogba was still in his pomp and Salomon
Kalou provided reasonable back-up. Still, the search for long-term replacements was
under way. Aguero was the one they really wanted. At
the time Chelsea made their first enquiry, in the 2009 summer window, he had already
found the net 55 times for Atletico. The club were initially put off by the cost.
Not only were the La Liga club demanding a fee in excess of £40 million, which would
have been a Premier League record, but the forward’s representatives were asking that
he become the club’s highest earner, too. Things were put on hold, and then the two
clubs were drawn together in the group stages of the 2009-10 Champions League.
Aguero made little impression as Chelsea swept Atletico aside 4-0 at home and perhaps some
in the boardroom wondered what all the fuss was about.
In the rematch at the Vicente Calderon a fortnight later, they had their answer. Aguero came on in the second half to put the
hosts in front with a superb volley. A fine brace from Drogba appeared to have secured
Chelsea all three points, only for Atletico’s talisman to curl a 25-yard free kick beyond
Petr Cech in the 90th minute. “I like him,” Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti
said afterwards with a knowing grin. “I think Aguero can play with Drogba, for sure.” Within a few weeks, negotiations had resumed
and Chelsea were getting encouraging signals from those close to the player that he would
be willing to make the move. It seemed only a matter of time before a deal was completed. Yet the January window came and went with
no agreement. Chelsea made an offer of £30 million, but that was significantly below
Atletico’s asking price. There was also a great reluctance to pay the
£5 million fee his agent Bruno Satin requested for his role in the process. Despite his vast
wealth, Abramovich has grown increasingly frustrated with the amount of money being
spent on players’ representatives over the years. This was also a period when players in the
Chelsea dressing room had a lot of influence. The Athletic understands that John Terry wasn’t
a huge fan of Aguero’s abilities and passed that opinion on to the powerbrokers at the
club. Indeed, after playing against him on both occasions in the Champions League, Terry
wasn’t overly impressed by Aguero’s movement. It is believed the ex-England centre-half
was a greater admirer of David Villa, who was making a big impression at Valencia and
also seemed for sale at the right price. Villa was one of the names Terry said he hoped
Chelsea would target when speaking after winning the FA Cup Final against Everton in May 2009. He said: “I think we’ll see Chelsea back
and competing for the top players who are out there at the moment. The likes of Franck
Ribery, David Villa. These are the kind of players we want to attract. “There needs to be a couple of changes,
a few players brought in and a few who haven’t played in the last couple of years moved on..
Hopefully Roman will listen and things will get done.” Despite Terry’s reservations over his qualities
and Chelsea’s about the price, the possibility of Aguero’s transfer remained. He was still a hot prospect and helped Atletico
win the Europa League in 2010. He hadn’t given up on a switch either: “Chelsea
are a great club”, he said in April of that year. “They have become one of the most
feared in Europe over recent years.” “London would be a really amazing city to
live in as well,” he added. “Myself and my wife could be really happy there.” By now though, Chelsea had their eyes on another
potential world-class star. In the summer of 2010, they opened talks with Santos over
acquiring an 18-year-old taking Brazilian football by storm. Neymar.
There was a buy-out clause of £28.7 million but, just as with Aguero, Chelsea didn’t
want to pay the asking price. Bids of £17 million and £22 million were rejected.
There were reports that personal terms had already been agreed at a meeting between the
player, his agent and Chelsea representatives in New York. Neymar’s father, Neymar da
Silva, made it pretty clear what was wanted. “For us to go to England would be wonderful,”
he said. But Santos president Luis Alvaro de Oliveira
Riberio was not happy with how things were being conducted. He said: “Chelsea sent us a transfer proposal
which was rejected immediately, but the harassment continues. Considering the ethics which clubs
are supposed to adhere to, this is completely intolerable and Santos will go to defend its
interests at FIFA. “On Wednesday there was a telephone enquiry.
Chelsea got in contact with my secretary and asked for our fax number. This does not mean
they have opened negotiations. Santos are not interested in selling Neymar for any amount
of money.” In the end, the pursuit of Neymar came to
nothing. As for Aguero, the last link to him came in
January 2011 when the BBC reported Chelsea had lodged a £52 million joint offer for
him and defender Diego Godin. Chelsea did make an expensive double purchase
a few days later that sent shockwaves around the Premier League, but neither Atletico player
was involved. Fernando Torres arrived from Liverpool for £50 million, while they paid
Benfica £25 million for David Luiz. It was a signal of intent that Abramovich,
despite his misgivings about an over-inflated market, was still willing to spend big. It
didn’t pay off as far as Torres was concerned. In contrast, Aguero has been a huge success
at City. Figures published by Football Leaks in 2016 suggested he ended up costing only
an initial £28.5 million in the summer 0f 2011. Even taking into account the bonus sums
triggered since, the agents’ fees and the vast wages earned over the past eight years,
it has proven to be outstanding business.

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100 thoughts on “How Chelsea Missed Out On Sergio Aguero”

  1. John Terry actively denied some claims made in this article. Don't know why Simon Johnson rewrites second person accounts and views on events a long time ago.

  2. If an 18 yo neymar has gone to chelsea he'd had end up like all the other young players chelsea has signed through the years. Dodged a bullet himself

  3. Ok so let me get this right, players Chelsea missed out on: De Bruyne, Neymar, Lukaku, Salah, and Aguero. Wtf is Chelsea doing

  4. History could have been so different, nonetheless, I can’t imagine Aguero in another shirt 👕 especially after THAT goal…. Aguerooooooooo!!!!!

  5. Chelsea waste their chances to sign Aguero before And they lost more when they sold KDB and Mo Salah… Imagine If all of them stay at Chelsea?! We would conquered the whole Europe.

  6. Chelski always were posh dumb scumbags. But thank you, fucking rich cunts, for this fucking loss. As a Cityzen I can't be happier of Kun decision to move to Man City.

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  8. The story claiming that John Terry blocked agueros transfer is actually false. He already came out and denounced the claims. It's fine if tifo wants to feature stories from the athletic. But at least it has to be true and not a falsely claimed rumour

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  10. From what i can recall aguero was a battle between Juventus and Manchester city. This thing of chelsea being involved is new to me

  11. Missing out on Neymar was the bigger point here! At Barca, he was brilliant, not so at PSG, whether he could have handled the physicality of the PL is something we won't know.

  12. All this stories, but I can still tell you that Torres goal in the 2vs2 draw against Barcelona paid off. Aguero hasn't touched champions league trophy in his life as a footballer.

  13. Simply put: Aguero's career would have been very different living under the shadow of Drogba. I don't think he would have reached his potential like that.
    Also we need to find out more about how much control players like bloody Terry have over the comings and goings at clubs. Staggering… You have whole careers for running clubs and a player thinks he should be in control instead…

  14. This ranks as probably my biggest regret of the Abramovich era at Chelsea. I remember all of this like it was yesterday, the "marquee" signing that never happened phase, the pursuit of Neymar in 2010 was especially tiresome (Robinho pursuit 2.0) – rumor was once we'd got him we'd loan him out to West Ham for two years to get games/settled in London before bringing him into the team, was the period where our loan system was just becoming a thing.

    What I remember most about that deadline day in 2011 wasn't the joint Aguero & Godin bid, wasn't the instant 48 hour pursuits of Torres & Luiz, it was the match we played that day vs. Sunderland. We'd been in dreadful form for months, Sunderland had smashed us 0-3 at the Bridge earlier that season (probably the worst Chelsea performance I've ever seen), but the pressure was on cos of the signings made that day & as if from nowhere the team played brilliantly – Anelka in particular had a blinder. I can look back now and laugh, but at the time that was infuriating. LOL

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  17. I clearly remember this whole saga and how that idiot Neymar ditched Chelsea. I am glad that Neymar didn't come to our club Chelsea. Btw, Torres and Luiz definitely played their part in our champions league win. So no issues there. Aguero, nontheless, would have been a different story.

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  24. No offence, but Torres didn't pay off? He was worth that one goal against Barca which then won us the Champions League. If I remember correctly City still haven't won that. So.

  25. I'm happy this was produced because the notion that Arsenal are the only club that misses out on players as MSM makes out is ridiculous

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