Actress Zeenat Aman
is known in Bollywood.. ..for being hot and sexy. Zeenat has worked in
many bold scenes in her times. Besides her movies Zeenat
Aman’s personal life.. ..has also been a
reason for headlines. Whether it is Zeenat
Aman’s love stories.. ..or her bold image. But here we will talk
about the love stories.. ..of Bollywood and Cricket. This story is of ex Pakistani
cricketer Imran Khan.. ..and mysterious Bollywood
actress Zeenat Aman. By the way, Imran Khan’s
personal life has got many twists. When these two personalities
from cricket and.. ..Bollywood met,
even they gradually fell in love. The two would often be seen together. But before their love
story could advance.. ..there was news that
they have broken off. Zeenat Aman surprised everyone by.. ..marrying actor Mazhar Khan. And Imran married Jemima. Though neither of the
marriages lasted long. Imran married several times. Whereas Zeenat came
to Mumbai with her children. To know more such stories
about Hindi cinema.. ..subscribe to Lehren Retro.

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Dennis Veasley

43 thoughts on “How Bollywood & Cricket FELL In Love ?? Part 9”

  1. they just have to show Imran every where just to confirm to their stupid complex that he dated indian women when it's not even true

  2. ज़ीनत अमान अभिनेत्री कम वेश्या अधिक थी। इमरान ख़ान की भाँति ही चरित्रहीन है। न जाने कितनों के साथ सोयी है। संजय ख़ान,फ़ीरोज़ ख़ान,राज कपूर,देव आनन्द और फिर अपने पति मज़हर ख़ान!
    زینت امان اداکارہ کم رنڈی زیادہ تھی۔ عمران خان کی طرح ہی بدکردار ہے۔ نہ جانے کتنوں کے ساتھ سوئی ہے! سنجئے خان،فیروز خان،راج کپور،دیو آنند اور پھر اپنے شوہر مظہر خان!

  3. Bakwas, sara sar jhoot hay ea.. Imran Khan usi wakt play boy tha.. Uskey sath hajaro ladkia marte hey.. Jeenat aman khod uske pice vagey…..

  4. इस इडियन रण्डी जिनन्त को एक पाकिस्तानी ही पसन्द आया..खैर ये रण्डी कई साल इमरान की रखैल बनकर रही है,खूब chudi है भोसड़ी

  5. It's a lie Imran didn't marry many times. This is their past let's not dig on it. Indian media is known or spinning facts and for spreading fake news.

  6. Aise kali masali bad shakel orit ko khan too munn b nai lagata …Khan pr too pure india ke Larkian martein hain ….

  7. عمران خان کے عشق میں زینت امان جیسی لاکھوں لڑکیاں آج بھی مبتلا ھیں

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