[MUSIC PLAYING] And swing. There you go! Nice shot. Very good. Yeah, you got it. All the way through. Excellent! Great swing. It’s incredibly rewarding to
teach this group of players. You know, you don’t get to
teach a group of players like this every day,
and it’s great to give them this physical
activity where they might not get it otherwise. I started hitting
the ball more and more. Yes! And I started,
like, getting that, just, sense of accomplishment
every single time I hit the ball. So it was– just, it feels good. And not only that,
it’s great to, like, socialize with all the
other tennis players. And it becomes a team
effort, and I love that. [MUSIC PLAYING] I’ve really improved myself. And tennis has always been
kind of fearful for me to play, because the ball’s so
little, you can’t see it. So to know that there’s a
program where you don’t have to worry about so
much seeing it, you can hear it, that’s amazing. It’s a level of impairment
that makes certain things difficult in life. Yes. But when you get
on a tennis court– It’s a total
different subject. Because that ball I can
hear with the bells, and I can swing it
back over the net. We really wanted
to adapt the game and make sure that it’s
accessible to everyone. That includes athletes who are
blind or visually impaired. NICK NEMEROFF: The level of
concentration on their part has to be tremendously
high, because the balls that we use for this
program have a bell in them. And they have to hear
the bell hit the ground, and they have to time
their swing with the sound of the ball hitting the ground. A lot of this is
about audio cues and timing, which for any
tennis player is important. Tell me about it! For them it’s
even more important. When you see
them making shots, when you see them rallying– Yeah. What’s that like? ANTHONY EVRARD: The smile
that we can see the first time an athlete who’s blind
or visually impaired, the first time that they
make contact with the ball, is really unbelievable.

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Dennis Veasley

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