Hello, I’m Gav I’m Dan we’re the Slow Mo Guys and today we have a Sprinkler little sprinkly boy a little sprinkly boy that you’d probably find on the ceiling of a public place in there or in movies Or in a movie. Yeah Most people have seen one of these go off probably in a movie or in real life if you’ve been slightly unlucky But not everyone knows exactly how they work. So with the use of these bad boys this one And this one will show exactly how they work in slow-mo. These are not light. Yes. I’ll put them down there. Yes All right, then. How do these work then? Essentially? What happens is you got a fire in a room? It’s all burning hot all the heat rises to the ceiling where your sprinkly boys are. What happens is this little Glossy juicy amp you’ll hear the juice in the ampule expands due to the heat and that smashes the glass Which then lets the water flow through and hopefully douse the fire this particular one we’ve got here will hopefully explode at about 68 degrees C or 155 American things yeah, yeah Fahrenheit, thank you We’ll start up here at a thousand frames a second In 4k before going a little bit faster to get that glass break. You got goggles. I have got goggles. Yeah, okay I’ll put them on probably sticking one. Yeah, okay. We don’t have a fire in the garden. So I’m just gonna use this blurry Flippn’ eggs, ah the gas that’s quite shocking It went like POOF Quick it made like a right popping sound good because You see the whole plateful yeah, I just like it was a good gun going The way the hose is set up and the pipe is like The thing is because it’s so what type like there was a little bit in there in the trim so it like what Okay now we’re good okay now we’re going for a cheeky top-down Sort of like ceiling view. Yeah. Yeah. Okay say when I’m in position of the unfortunate fool in the fire The only difficult years I have this aiming the blowtorch away from the camera. I Don’t light that. Okay Say when I might aim down today, okay You ready? Yep Oh no All right well It’s very shocking every time it is every time I can’t help but like make a noise. I tried not to that time Jokes around that’s so much air in there. Yeah I feel like if you installed sprinklers the fire would be fans severely before right. It’s not my job Okay, look that’s a really good one. You can see clearly that we they’re like fans of the Sprinkler, they’re causing that pattern of water to go out everywhere Yeah, it’s just the metal shape that causes such a widespread It comes out like in a nice torrent and then it pees out everywhere to the sides It’s good design don’t realize it’s not just the glass ampule that goes this is one that hasn’t been fired And this one that has when you look down this here You can see there’s a big hole where the glass sample was on this one. There’s like a whole metal surface that is there so I think that ampule actually like holds the metal surface in and then when the ampule breaks they’re like metal disc drops and allows the water through Okay for the next shot we need a much higher framerate so we borrowed this bad boy from Destin the v25 11 and If you’ve seen this camera before you’ll know that has very loud fans. So Sorry about that Okay, we’re now looking around this area 28500 frames a second get a bag the camera because it could get a splash Oh It gushes out there straight after the red goes and the red goes flying Yeah, you can see the amount of force that blast is that thing down? Yeah, it’s like a torrent of water after the glass ampule bursts Yeah, it’s like it pushes the little plate down and then it’s like a full-on torrent comes down. The the turret is much wider So it’s much thicker stream that I imagined. I thought would be much much finer stream, but it’s like so did I I mean we’re learning about how these work and I can show you the plate that sits there that the glass anchor breaks them that’s loose just completely falls away and allows the loads of work, very All right now a much lower resolution we’re a hundred and three thousand frames a second Gets me every time Yeah, it’s like the pressure bursted but we know it’s the the liquid leaving The regular crew comes out like sideways and on the torrent just goes downwards. They’re completely different. You see the red It’s just come out words completely later. Is that powerful of birth? Yeah a little bit of air it’s mystifying Yeah I’m telling the steady guitar. It really kicks up. It has a lot of recoil. Oh, yeah Hard to see what I’m moving that slowly That’s who’s been eating my damn hammock I think it is he stood next to the evidence as well Return to the scene of the crime. Have you? Look at what you’ve done It’s pretty cute though, I forgive him make an episode of planet Earth All Right, see ya after feasting on the hand of the possibly Leaving it in tatters That was $79 down the tree I Think he’s left some poo in the garden as well It’s not often that I actually get to use a blowtorch and that causes me to get wet. That’s true Yeah, also little red red speckles all over your face a lot. Really? Yeah I think you got some of the glycerine I think that’s good. It’s not only bad not ideal. I think it’s like not lead-free I like video. So I like it where you sort of learn it You can visualize exactly how it works And now I’ll never look at them the same way I can put on the smug voice if anyone tries to ask me I’d be like nah, I think you’ll find it’s the ampule of glycerine causes. The explosion is a great word It’s underused amp pure and now because you’ve experienced five Explosions of glass ampules you’ll be less shocked if they go off for real. I don’t think it will be No, you Wayne. I definitely on today’s video Hopefully you enjoyed that video feel free to buy us a subscribe That probably doesn’t do anything hit the bell as well If you want that might we also got social media and a second channel links in the description. Thanks for watching

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100 thoughts on “How a Fire Sprinkler Works at 100,000fps – The Slow Mo Guys”

  1. Usually these ampoules don't crack because of the liquid, the break because there is an air bubble inside that expands. The smaller the bubble, the higher the temperature resistence. The liquid is always the same its just colour coded in order for you to differentiate them easily.

  2. The red liquid is the same liquid they use in thermometers and it expands when it gets warmer like in a thermometer then it breaks the glass letting down the metal thing that blocks the water from coming out.

  3. Could you guys film the departure of a dragster off the line ? With the chock wave and all the mechanical action that can be very cool.

  4. Thank you for converting Celsius to Fahrenheit, even though you made fun of it, I'm so tired of Europeans basically telling you to google it yourself, and being all snarky, instead of being courteous, and recognizing that they have an international audience.

  5. Нда, камеру купил, горелку купил, давление норм на форсунку – не купил..

  6. I always thought that the round little metal cog wheel looking thing at the bottom of the sprinkler would spin around as the water came out. Now I feel like my whole life has been a lie 🙁

  7. I talk about the word "ampoule" in my podcast The Dictionary where I read the dictionary to you. Episode #164 – 5:20 – https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-dictionary/id1448633180?i=1000445009594

  8. I had no idea there was a metal plug that came out… Or there were different colors for different temperatures. And it may have destroyed your hammock, but at least it fertilize your yard.

  9. The irony is adoring American Imperial standards, simply because they are designed to mess with the brain, especially if you also know or Lord forbid were raised on Metric. while yeah… "American… things…" works quite nicely.

  10. We have also started making videos.I know you don't have much time but just watch one video to see how much effort we had put in it.

  11. Am I the only one who clicked on this thinking it was a sprinkler that sprinkled fire around, not an actual fire suppression sprinkler…? I feel like I might have been :/

  12. Another great video. I didn't see in the comments that in a real sprinkler installation there's no water in the system. The whole system is filled with air under a low pressure. When one of the capsules is triggered a sudden drop in (air-)pressure is detected. This will open a valve in some small pressurised watertanks to fill the pumps and to start filling the tubes with water. At the same time these big pumps (driven by electric motors) are started. After just a few seconds the sprinkler will flood the area. The advantage of the dry system is, is that you can detect leaking seals without dripping water into someones keyboard or so (there will be air lost without the sudden drop). This also makes maintenance a lot less messy. Valves permits to isolate floors to locate the section with the leakage. With an ultrasound microphone you can then find the leak in the concerned area. Hope you found this interesting. Tada from me and looking forward to the next slow-mo.

  13. When i read the title i thought you had rigged a sprinkler to spit fire instead of water…. im dissapointed

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