hello my dear students today we have requests from my website [Music] [Applause] a realistic after watching the French Open he sees a bunch of Russian women’s last names ending in Alba and one is why I mean in tennis we have Anna Kournikova Maria Sharapova daniela hantuchová Nicole vidas OVA dominika cibulková we even have Martina Navratilova what’s going on here what’s with all the others with my last name being orlova perhaps I should have been a tennis player I swear to God I can take this ball and shove it down your throat do you hear me I swear to god you better be glad you better be fucking glad I’m not I swear on second thought perhaps I wouldn’t be good as a tennis player hmm anyway what’s with all these over tennis players is there some kind of a selective breeding going on here must investigate [Music] what’s happening here are two things first of all Eastern Europeans love tennis and lately they have been reading some hot female tennis players why why do so many of their names and in OVA and how come there are no male Russian tennis players with names ending in OVA how about if I told you that Russian girls do not have the same last names as their fathers or brothers what’d you say yep that’s right other parts of the world do not follow the English way of naming the last names in English names are really simple we have a first name a last name and usually a middle name your brother and sister have the same last name as your dad it’s your surname or family name but if you pop over to China your last name is said first and your first name is said last not first and last like we’re used to so if you were to address Yao Ming you would not call him mister me but you would actually call him mr. Yao other countries give you string of names so that you can figure out the person’s lineage Osama bin Laden’s full name is actually Osama bin Mohammed bin our bin Laden bin means son of so you can figure out who is their grandfather and great grandfather’s worth but imagine not having a last name at all how confusing things would be that is exactly the way things were in the world until around the 12th century when second names started becoming commonplace except for Mongolia where they didn’t have lost names until all the way up to 2004 which is crazy anyway surnames were designed to help you identify people in the early surnames tender to tell you something about the person for example john taylor was a tailor Bill Cook was a cook the over heals leaves just over the hill and William Longfellow was a rather tall fellow and Chris Lanka well you get the idea the other popular identifier was patronymic or the father’s name Jackson was a son of Jack Williamson was the son of William and so on Russians used the father’s name to create a middle name so the son of the Russian or Peter in English would have the middle name Petrovic the or which part meaning off of Pizza the daughter feature of poetry would be Petrovna or Petrovna the off part also made its way to the last names as off for men and OVA for the women women in Russia as in some other countries take on the feminine form of their father’s last name daughter of Peter would not be Petrof but would be Petrova Putin’s wife’s last name is not Putin but Patna Gorbachev’s wife is Gorbachev ah and so on so Gorby your wife would be Gorbachov our other popular suffixes are in and yeah for man and inna and Java for women since oven over popular extensions to Russian last names that’s why you have so many female Russian tennis players with the last name ending in ova and no male Russian tennis players with an ova at the end of their name there would be off there we go another mystery solved by your trusty hotforwords for your homework what would Anna Kournikova’s father’s last name be and for extra credit what was your son’s middle name be if you lived in Russia bye-bye my dear students be good and leave your message after the beep [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] and lately they haven’t you would knock on him

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