– [Narrator] This is a paid
advertisement for Mattel. (upbeat music) – I am a superstar! (Hope grunting) – Hope, what are you doing? – Feast your eyes on the real
amazing WWE Superstar, me! – A WWE Superstar? No you’re not, you made that up. – You don’t believe me? Well here is my official, real, WWE Acceptance Letter signed and sealed. – No way! Whoa, it’s so cool! – No way this is real. – Meet me at the house and I’ll show you how real it really is. – Sweet, I’ll see you there! – Muah-ha-ha my plan is working perfectly. Oh (laughs) I’m going to
meet Noah back at the house. (birds chirping) (suspenseful music) (gasp) – Wait a second! This is fake! No! Fiddlesticks! Noah! Noah! Noah! No! It’s all a (gasp) – Oh hi Eden, how nice of you to join us. – Eden! You have to check this out! It’s so cool! – Watch this. – That’s too heavy, you can’t (gasp) (drum roll music) – Hope, that’s amazing! You are as strong as WWE Superstar. – That’s not all, meet me in the living room
and I’ll show you more. – Yay! That’s awesome, lets go! (suspicious music) – Hm. (mystery music) (gasp) – I knew it! I got to catch Hope in the act. Noah! – Shh! Hope is showing me
her WWE Intro and catchphrase – [Hope] Let me introduce
the new WWE Superstar, Hope! – Whoa, it’s so cool. I’ve never met a real
WWE Superstar before. – Here I am WWE Universe, I am, Hope! – Whoa that was awesome! You have to do the Superstar voice! – Yes I do! (clears throat) Hope is the best! I have one more thing to show you. Off to the Game Room! – Game Room! (mystery music) (gasp) – My voice changer! Hope is liar, that’s how
she changed her voice, I’m gonna get her! – Whoa that Championship Title is awesome! – Yeah they gave it to me for
being the new WWE Superstar. – Can I touch it? – Sorry Noah but only the real
WWE Superstars can touch it. – Oh man! – You know what, maybe if you let me ride
your longboard we could work something out, I
might even let you wear it. – Really! – Enough! Noah, something’s been up, Hope is not a real WWE Superstar, she’s been lying to you! I challenge you to a match! – I accept your challenge. – Then let the match begin. (superhero sound effects) – Ah! – Ah! – Ah! (whistle blows) (ding ding ding) – Ah!
– Ah! – Who’s going to take it? Eden is getting weaker! Is she going to hit the buckle? – Ah! – Ah! – Oh! She goes down! (whistle blows) – You don’t look like much
of a Superstar right now. Going for the title? Just holding it won’t
make you a WWE Superstar. – Hope! Why are you lying to Noah? – Wait lying to me? That’s a foul! – I’m not telling. – Don’t test me. – Okay, okay, okay, I wanna ride Noah’s longboard. – I knew it! Noah, Hope’s been lying to you! This belt is a fake! – He said only WWE
Superstars could ride it. – Oh you think you could
steal the Champion from me? Oh yeah, I am the Champion! Whoa! That’s such a cool longboard! Oh Noah, can I have a
turn on your longboard with my WWE Superstar action figures? – No way the only people
I allow on my long board is the real WWE Superstars,
bum bum bum bum! See ya! – Hope’s not a real WWE
Superstar, and she never was. – Hope, you’re not? – No, I’m sorry I lied to you Noah, but I just really wanted
to ride your longboard. – It’s okay Hope, I had fun and the longboard is cool. – You got to say I was
right the whole time. – Fine, you were right the whole time. (doorbell rings) What could that be? – Let’s go check it out! – Whoa! – Superhero Kids are
official WWE Ambassadors. – Whoa! Things just got way cooler! – So, Noah now that I am
officially a WWE Ambassador, can I ride your longboard? – Well, since I’m with the WWE too, I get to ride my longboard. – Oh c’mon, lets go! (cheering) – [Hope] Hey no! (swoosh) – Superhero Kids is proud to announce we are official WWE Ambassadors! – We’re going to be making our
very own Superstar persona. – We’re excited to bring
you more WWE action videos. – Make sure to watch more of our videos, click on here to watch another one. – We’ll see ya there! (whistle blows) – Oh Noah!
– Oh Noah! – C’mon. (funky music)

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