hey guys I’m Michael Sims president of
Hook and Gaff and we’re excited to tell you about a brand new product launch
we’ve been working on for some time. Our mission at Hook and Gaff is to make
watches for people who enjoy all facets of the sporting life, so what is the
sporting life? The popular sporting club in our area is
The Greenbrier where you can shoot sporting clays, you can fly fish for
rainbow trout, and you can play golf all in the same day. So we’re now excited for
the first time to move over to golf and see what that looks like for golf with
Hook and Gaff. So those of you who know me recognize that I’m every bit as
passionate about golf as I am about angling. I did grow up on a lake but I
also grew up playing golf, played at Clemson on the national championship
team in ’03, and I sit on the Executive Committee of the Carolinas Golf
Association as well. So I’m very active and competitive in amateur golf, so all
this to say this isn’t random, this is very intentional, with what we’re doing here
with the golf market, When we introduced a watch for the ultimate sportsman a
couple years ago, we were very purposeful what we were doing because we knew
our captains and our anglers were going to put that watch to the test and really
put it through the ringer. Since that time we’ve rolled out a second
generation, and third generation, a mechanical watch with the fleetmaster
our new sport Fisher Black Series and with every iteration of our watches we
continue to get better and better so in that same way we’re going to fill a void
that we see in the golf market with this watch this new Golf Series one that’s
every bit as functional and as stylish as the current lineup so it’s rare that
you see a golfer on tour who actually plays golf in their watch I can really
only think of two offhand who actually do that so with our unique left side
crown placement we feel that our watch is every bit as functional as any other
watch on the market if not more so and stylish as well we’re excited to be the
first watch company to really engage the golf market this way and create
timepieces that will stand up to a rugged yet refined lifestyle we want to
thank you all for your continued support and just let you know that we really
appreciate it

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