as Navajos we call ourselves the ne
which is more of the earth people when you come back to Rez Golf
it brings you back closer to earth if I go if I go this sage right here and if
I go like this to the sage and if I smell my finger it’s that sage that
smell it’ll bring you back home I’ve been driving for the last 20 26
years once you get to know who these kids are you want the best for them if
you look around there is hardly any facilities like basketball court or a
baseball field I mean no playground it’s not about us this us that it’s more like
what can you do for the kids what can you do for the whole community what I
mean that’s the start we are thinking and we had to do something we had to do
something Spray at first it was just like crazy is just
like we’re gonna really build a golf course out here like
didn’t make sense at first but then when you started seeing everything get put
together and you seen family start come together and pretty soon is just more
holes popped up more courses on the side and it just it was amazing we’re trying to develop the whole thing
to help the golfers really get the basic fundamental of playing golf and make
them feel at home make them feel at home all my brothers we grew up in Navajo
station to find something like this out here is you know you don’t think you’re
gonna find a golf course like this out here our greens are all dirt so when you
hit it it’s gonna take off and it’s gonna keep rolling and wherever there’s
a little dip in the dirt that’s where your ball is gonna stop and you just got
play where it lies you know it’s a challenge especially if you hit your
ball in the sagebrush you know you’re out there looking for your ball it’s
like Easter egg hunt every year if you’re out here you just come right here
golf for free and just hang out it’s always good to come back home at the beginning I mean when we started
there herbage knew it just for the kids we never really thought about how it was
gonna grow into something like this makes you just wonder if we didn’t build
this what would they be doing if we didn’t do this for them what would they
be doing we never expected this we never expected this shut your right at it
seated h19 a job took a ha ha Jill it’s what we what we had in here what we
had in here and how we wanted to make the golfers the people feel I think it just comes out from the heart that comes out from who we are as
cousins and brothers how much we care for the people to come here and golf it makes everybody feels good I think
especially the community

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Dennis Veasley

16 thoughts on “Home Course: Rez Golf”

  1. Our pride & Joy.. "build it & they will come" we're not millionaires but we feel rich when we see golfers having a good time.. hits the heart. Come out and play 9 or 18 holes.. you'll leave feeling you were challenged.. Thank you Callaway & Mark Infante & the Vice Crew

  2. I love it there! My daughters family. That is their great uncle, and they have the land behind them. I used to go there few times a year. Must check out if you are going that way. Brings you back to earth.

  3. That’s amazing putting on dirt and making them!? Lol I play with people who cry about putting on regular greens! Good stuff I love this course and this story! I need to get out there and play!

  4. Freddie yazzie. This is great. Brings back memories of doing the same thing in lupton AZ at my grandma's house, building my own holes and dirt greens. I want to play this course. Looks like great fun. We navajo's are great at making something out of nothing. Good work.

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