Hi, I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills. Nagaraj
has asked us a question about hitting the net post and going in on the table. The rule here Nagaraj is that the net post
and the whole clamp is considered part of the net. So what you need to do is think about
that as being part of the net. If Jeff hits the ball at me and it hits the net post and
then rebounds in that is considered to be in. Even if the ball hits the clamp here and
then manages to pop up and over then that’s still in. So if you just remember that the
net post and the clamp are all part of the net, you can’t go too far wrong.

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Dennis Veasley

23 thoughts on “Hitting the Net Post”

  1. What if you hit the ball from a big angle so it doesn't touch the net. It that legal ball? Or you have to consider extending the net virtually?

  2. I've been practicing for 2 hours since this video. I just can't get the ball to hit the net post and back on the other side. I have lost 4 games today trying to get a point from it here and there 🙁 any tips?

  3. This rule seems a bit unfair. Do you know of any controversies on the big stage regarding it? As always, thank you for the video.

  4. will throwing the racket to hit the ball count? e.g. if you cant catch just throw it and it coincides with the ball

  5. Thats an important rule that a lot of players do not know about or just assume it wrong. Thanks for the video!!!

  6. Nice explanation !!! What if the ball comes from below the net post to the opponent side while returning, is that legal? or if it hists the side of the net post and enter to the oppenents side

  7. what if ball would start bouncing on the net?does that count as a touch?This week i had a moment when i hit the net ball jumped in the air agin hit the net,standed for a second and then fall.

  8. I had a rare occassion where I hit the ball and it slid through the net and jumped to the other side, would is that a valid point for me?

  9. alois sir i 'm only 11 years old please help me if I serve and it touches the net and again it touches the net is this legal or illegal please tell me

  10. What if you serve and it hits the edge of the clamp on the other persons side and just slides across their side of the table? Would it be allowed?
    P.S I don't expect you to click on this link (which is fine) but if you don't understand me it's https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hRKT3mhyT0 at 0:30

  11. But what if it's not the serve and in a random hit (the other player hits the ball in my half table and then I hit it , it touches the net and goes on my opponents table. Does that count as a point for me or the opponent) please answer

  12. Can you direct me to one of your videos where you explain what happens to spinned balls rotation when it hits net and goes over

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