Do we hit through the ball on the volley
or do we hit across the ball? The volley is a deflective shot so it’s definitely
not a linear shot and there’s two types of volleys. Let’s start off with the
forehand. So on the forehand we can either come up to the ball and then
completely freeze the racquet and basically deflect the ball back in play
or if we desire to achieve a little bit more power we can actually have the
racquet go across the body like this. Now because the wrist is in an extended
position and we can’t really get the arms far across on this side. The
forehand volley is going to have the tip of the racquet come forward a little bit
to accommodate more of an across the body action On the backhand volley we can hit it two
different ways. We can simply deflect the ball back by freezing the contact point
or if we achieve to get a little bit more variety on the backhand volley or
more power we have a lot more freedom on the backend volley compared to the forehand, because our elbow can freely move out of the way and so the across the
body action is a lot more prominent on the backhand volley. On the forehand swing volley the technique
is very similar to a regular forehand One difference is that swingvolleys
are usually struck higher than regular forehands maybe between the shoulder
and the rib cage, somewhere around the chest area and then the take back is
going to look very similar to a regular forehand and now once we make contact a
little bit higher at the racquet will whip around the body in a horizontal way,
because once we make the contact a little bit higher we don’t have a lot of
space to go up and apply topspin and so depending on how close to the net we
are we can even try to hit down on the swingvolley, or if the proximity to the
net is a little bit further away we can have more of a horizontal as swing path
on the swing volley.

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Dennis Veasley

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