back in the game a historic tennis court in Lynchburg reopens that’s where the african-american tennis legend zelphia Gibson and Arthur Ashe spent time practicing the sport 10news reporter Magda lucid is live tonight at the court where a ribbon-cutting was just held Nigel oh yes John as you can see behind me a lot of people are starting to take advantage of the new court here I’ll step out of the way so you can see this game that they’re playing what happened at the ribbon-cutting today a lot of people talking about who dr. Robert Johnson was to them in his role in the community many people in attendance were his former students the instructor taught them how to play the game it’s been 47 years since the court on Pierce Street has been used after months of renovating the court it’s finally open to attract the younger generation of tennis players with the help of the United States Tennis Association they gave 25,000 to 30,000 dollars to the world when Johnson foundation to renovate the court and at no cost some companies donated their time to install the lights on the court my goal would be with someone from this neighbor maybe off pier Street maybe a 15th or whatever is that the u.s. hoping this is a really special place very historical place then we wanted to do our best to say let’s bring it back he are breathing new life into what was a sight and landmark that launched the careers and lives of a number of very solid tennis players and solid citizens the next step for organizers is restoring Robert Johnson’s home and shed as a museum organizers of the foundation also say they’re working with Lynchburg Parks and Recreation Department to help underserved youth in the community and get them out here on this tennis court live in Lynchburg Magdalo Besant 10 News working for you

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