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Dennis Veasley


  1. Great topic Adam as usual. Will practice this movement at the range here at Mediterra and look for that smooth transition. Thanks!

  2. I would not agree more with Greg! Adam is not only the most eloquent instructor in the business but also the most constructive and not overly, "painfully" technical and that makes it easier to absorb concepts,especially for an average player like I am. I am planning on visiting Adam in FL one of these days for a few days of instructions! 🙂

  3. You make it more and more sensible how to achieve the swing goals, I hit a 5 iron 180 on a dart yesterday, made my day!

  4. Adam, you do a great job of explaining things! Would you touch on the subject of keeping the head behind the ball? I've noticed in videos of great players the head stays behind the ball and in many cases the head moves backward just prior too impact. Nicklaus and Langer are two examples. Thanks!

  5. Enjoying the videos. I'm trying to actually demote or quieten the lateral weight shift through the ball I think you are suggesting. Perhaps I'm the other way but my focus (under instruction) is currently to promote hip 'turn' at impact… rather than weight going through excessively to the target. After reading up on left hip pain recently (I think caused by my excessive 'sway' through the ball at impact) I've read articles that Nicklaus and Norman had hip problems with this sway through the ball which contrasts to more modern teaching suggesting a more compact hip turn through the ball. In your opinion has teaching moved more to hip turn rather than the more sway or movement through the ball I saw growing up from the likes of Nicklaus and Norman?

  6. Don't you think a hip slide causes a stall and a subsequent flip of the wrist ? I think the feeling that the left pocket goes backwards as you shift will promote continuous rotation.

  7. I've played golf most of my life, 62 now, and have struggled with this my entire life. I come into the ball too steep and chicken wing it to death. This explanation makes so much sense but I can't make my body do what my brain is saying. But thank you for explaining it as perfectly as you did. It may be worth a drive from Tampa to Naples to get it beat into my hard head.

  8. solid advice as usual Adam. Would love to see some drills on sequencing. I know what I should be doing, hips, shoulders then arms but putting into practice is easier said than done. Any advice to help improve timing/sequencing in this area would be good.

  9. watching these from Argentina.. suscribed to your channel 2 weeks ago… excellent, every video is simply excellent!

  10. After working with Leadbetter for years you understand his 1990's concept of turning back using the navel and to load up with the weight "sitting down" on the right knee. Great for flushing irons but no power. David mentions in his book on Hogan that the Hawk had a min-reverse pivot. Looking at the hips from behind, so did every great ball striker except for David's pupils. Which muscles pull this into position? Once the hands clear the right leg should it be a feeling of pivoting on the right hip, glute back? How is the down force supplied?

    By the way, I listed to a few of your videos and this great stuff. Clear, easy to understand and it helped right away. The core movement on the takeaway is the key to me. Once you hit that slot and the left side is begging to reverse the motion, it's tough to hit bad shots.

    Thanks in advance

  11. Adam, very nice work. I have always had a problem with the top half following the hip turn and therefore coming out the shot early. This explains a lot but doesn't enable me to understand the feeling I need when pushing then turning. Do you have a drill that helps lag the upper body behind when firing my hips?

  12. Wow this all makes so much sense watching your videos, i can already see how much improvement there will be in all aspects of my game. From Jerome in Johannesburg

  13. Thanks for your videos, Adam.
    Does this technique apply to irons? Or is it more for drivers or woods?

    That is, I know a driver back swing is a pivot not a shift. But is more shift allowed for irons?


  14. Exactly, I couldn't have said it better myself…I guess you have to be a great pro to find the right words…excellent lesson!

  15. Great lesson.  I'm a big guy, not very flexible, and this really helps start my swing on the right path.  Seems like it inactivates my wrist a little too, lowering the ball flight and preventing the dreaded high pull hook.  Thanks so much.  I'm ready to come to Florida for some golf lessons.

  16. Great instruction on the hip turn. I like the simple way you showed how a shift should be applied. Thanks. I have been doing this wrong for years.

  17. Thanks for a great lesson. I am having trouble getting to my finish. Stuck and pushing the ball dead straight to the right.

  18. I started playing last year and picked it up pretty fast and got to a 18 hcp. Then i hit a wall and could really get better, so i started watching your videos.. And i think ive watched all off them and now 4 months later i just today played 72, and just wanted to tell you its all because off this channel.. Thank you so much!!!

  19. Once again, an excellent video Adam!  I struggle with my weight shift (only with my driver) and tend to lean back when I am hitting drives.  You mentioned how the quick arms can cause that motion and I will try these drills to see if I can finally get my driver straight.  Thanks for the video!!

  20. Clear and spot on… after watching many videos online, this is by far the simplest and the most effective tips!! Thanks Adam.

  21. I realized this morning that I can hit irons more solid when I shift my weight forward slightly ahead of my swing, i.e., less fat and thin shots. I googled to see if that makes sense. Here is the video! It makes sense. Thanks!

  22. Im confused now … My instructor told me that after i set and start my down swing to NOT come forward and slide forward w hips…. He actually put a bag stand on my left side (rh golfer) maybe an inch or 2 in front, and told me when i swing down and through, to NOT bump into the bag stand, if i do this move your showing i would hit the stand, and use my upper body to swing through the ball … he told me thats causes me to hit shots Thin and or Fat and not being consistent on my ball striking.

  23. I struggled with exactly what you described in this video. I was a good player for many years and started having issues with my left hip and stopped moving towards the target as my first move on the down swing and seven years later (and me saying I figured something out 10,000 times) that simple little movement of moving my hips towards the target brought everything right back in line. My thought now is, turn-bump-turn and once I do that I've got a lot of power going in the right direction. Where were you 7 years ago? I'm new to your channel, but very impressed with your teaching……great job – Steve B

  24. What a great video! Well explained. Pre mature over rotation of my hips is my death move and produces a variety of bad shots including my right foot spinning out and coming over the top. Makes hitting a draw impossible for me. This really puts the sequencing of the hips into an understandable and repeatable fashion. Thanks.

  25. Adam I am a 30 year old beginner and all I have to say i thank you very much your videos have helped very much in a short period of time. I have gone from not being able to get the ball in the air to rarely ever hitting worse than a double bogey at a tough golf course (Marsh Landing CC). Pretty much bogey most holes now but I know if I keep at it improvement will follow. Thanks again, Justin C…

  26. …..my light bulb moment was in another of your video's where you described the movement of the body and hips being likened to the way you skip a stone across water…..that analogy was brilliant ….can't tell you what a difference that has made to me…..thanks Adam…..

  27. I have been trying to play this game for about 45 to 50 years and have the very problem you speak of and that is starting to arms first. it has NEVER been taught with the method you use. Hips first and not arms first. I have just started to try this and it's very hard to do. i also like your method of the towel to get lag and if you move the hips first and NOT use a death grip on the club, both of these will show up by themselves. Thank you for the GREAT way you make everything SO understand able. I still think the instruction we got back when I started was to keep you coming back for more lessons and more money for them.

  28. The reason they didn't start the downswing with a hip slide is because we were told to NEVER slide your hips. So the is the reason we all didn't slide our hips.

  29. Hi Adam i played golf today at Balllymena golf club and used your instruction from your videos on iron striking and hit the ball the best ive ever hit it, i hit a 3 iron almost 200 yards i have never done that ever,
    thank you

  30. A very good explanation for one of my problems yesterday! Thank you! Start working on it today! Take care, Harald

  31. I always find your videos so clear and effective… and I completely agree with this one in particular… however there are a number of videos on youtube about how to stop sliding in the downswing.
    eg. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Cdlc-PTE-zw
    Am i confusing the issue here?
    Difference between a shift and a slide? Shift still allows a left hip turn before impact.

  32. Another great video Adam. I noted that your actual swing is better than your practice swings, in that you stay more 'over' the ball, whereas in the practice swings your head and sternum are far ahead of the ball. Unfortunately for me, at least according to a local pro', I have the opposite situation, in that my practice swings look great and my real swing he said looks nothing like them. Any suggestions?

  33. You did not really nail it .. but good try.. to cement the way to slide. I found saying inside right . .outside left.. helps as Hale Irwin used to teach. Trying to lag your arms as you suggest may be a good drill to capture the feeling.. but would not suggest it in actual swing. Or another concept by Tommy Armour to have left knee point just behind the ball going back and the right knee moving toward the left on the down swing. You need to use a concept like those .. sure there are many to convey how to slide. Actually, it is more a slide then a turn…Another could be to make sure belt buckle is facing the target. Anyway box on.

  34. Adam, I appreciate your video. I have been playing 25 years and I am still learning. Again thank you for sharing your great lesson. You are the best pro I ever seen.

  35. That fairway is freaking massive. Looks to be the width of 2-3 combined fairways compared to courses near where I live

  36. Thank you. I literally got rid of my slice and added 50 yds to my drives after applying the information contained in this video. Irons are much cleaner and longer as well. I'm back to out driving my 12 yr old. :o)

  37. Adam, great video, as usual, it helped me a lot. Just one question how can you bring yourself to hit balls off that turf? Most of the courses I play don't have greens that compare. I visited Naples many years ago, I really must come back. Many thanks.

  38. Your instructional videos are the best on youtube. I was indeed shifting my weight back instead of staying centered slightly. Made a drastic difference , Thank you!

  39. COWABUNGA!! You are "BEST" internet instructor bar none…this lesson on how the hips work will add, minimum, 15 yards to all shots. Having had a static relationship with the downswing, this instruction has now allowed me to shift weight like the big boys, again never shifting weight and wondering why my distance was pathetic, to now, adding those 15 yards without effort. Your name begins with an "A," because that is what your instruction ability is…a solid "A!!"

  40. You are by far the best golf instructor on the internet, which certainly reinforces your status as a two-time teacher of the year! Too bad I'm on the West coast………….I could definitely become a better golfer if I could work with you.

  41. Thanks for this video – extremely helpful . I am a 5 handicap and my weight shift/ hip turn is absolute crap- I wanted to add to your list of reasons why people like me stink at it – not only was it the “ first 100 balls” but the first hundred magazines/books and first 100 lessons.. I don’t think this is usually explained in a way that makes sense to a new golfer – a lot of pros used to talk about turning in a barrel & not swaying – also turning your left hip ( which if not properly explained forces you to make a wide turn with your right hip) .. if I had seen your video earlier in my golf life, it would have saved me years of frustration …. anyway, thanks again ..

  42. I'm a 9 handicap but struggle with hitting ball then turf. How do you shift your weight in the downswing and keep your head behind the ball at impact? Side bend?

  43. As usual another fantastic, clear n concise lesson. I haven't seen myself on video in years but I'd be willing to bet this is my number one issue. I'm gonna take u up on ur drill, I know I hang back n have always struggled with the dynamic of moving forward in the downswing n mostly feeling out of sync… great job

  44. This advice with hip slide/bump together would be super helpful video. No matter this was mentally helpful. Made me think of like X of me when I swing…
    X like down your legs and pressure, up your shoulders etc.

  45. I noticed that the current back-to-back winner of the PGA Championship and US Open has a very slight hip turn. Since this is a much simpler swing method should we start working on strength or what?

  46. Too quick with the arms spells disaster for sure. Hogan in his 5 lessons clearly said the downswing starts with the hips. Another words he was trying to tell us all that the hips propels the arms in the downswing; not the other way around.

  47. Thanks, Adam – looking at another video with the 'chair drill' – which seems to focus more on hip rotation than a lateral shift… how do they differ (I do understand it's all part of the larger swing…!)

  48. Well Done Adam! One of the biggest things we older athletes struggle with, sequence!! Drives me crazy and you hit the nail on the head, my friend!

  49. Golfing for four months now. Been having a very difficult time getting the sequence and nobody has been able to explain what is happening at the transition and the downswing in a manner that made the light bulb go on. Your video finally made that happen. Most people have told me not to slide at all and just to pivot. I just subscribed!

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