Well, it’s a happening night on the Square in
Oxford, Mississippi, where this evening, we have a battle of
the opposites on the
volleyball court. The Rebels of Ole Miss
have shocked the world beginning conference
play 5 and 0. Inherited a
program that really was at the bottom of the conference and it wasn’t always easy. They struggled last — Right pin, a good
swing and a kill. They have done that so far. Gillen, down the line,
that hits Lauren Thompson. Nice up in the back by
Nicole Purcell there. Finding the open
floor on the change up from Emily Stroup. There’s Jillian Gillen. Straight down and a kill. Finding some open hardwood
and the Razorbacks… There’s a kill. For the number of kills that she has this season and she’s only playing
through rotations. Over the line. On the slide and a
kill for Nayo Warnell. Jillian Gillen into
the dig of Avery Bug. Great rally and a
point to Ole Miss. Lauren Evans, the
sophomore from Dallas, serves it for Arkansas. It’ll go to Anna Bair. That what’s been working and she caps off a
great second set. Nice up by Lauren
Bars, the center. Leah Mulkey with the swing and it’s gonna drop
on Arkansas side. Looking for back corner. Nice save by Maggie Cartwright. Here’s Gillen again! Straight to the floor
in the back row. Diggs, for
Diggs difference. Block, a block difference. Devyn Wheeler
looking for hands. Not gonna get ’em. Garrett down the line to
Nicole Purcell to dig it up. Back the other way.
Stroup off the block. On the pin. Nice up in the back by Evans. That one off of Lauren Bars. …court to play
with and where she got stuck. That ends the 5-0 run. Nice serve. Nice dig. Nice kill. Aubrey Sultemeier
ends it for the Rebels. So for Lizzie Stemke, I’m
Sam Ravage saying so long from Oxford. Again, our final score: Ole Miss wins in 4 sets. Are you ready? Hell yeah. Damn right. Hotty toddy, gosh almighty. Who the hell are we? Hey! Flim flam, bim bam. Ole Miss, by Damn!

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Dennis Veasley

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