egbers will send two wide
everybody’s gotta have their eyes on Frederick’s so the Eagles have stacked
it up it’s going to be the quarterback rushing to the outside and he’s going to
be stopped the Eagles bottle him up at the 25 and
turn him over on downs tight in wing left fakes the handoff now throws to
jalepes touchdown Bridgewater Eagles on top Eagles looked
like they were creeping Egbers rolls now in some trouble and he’s going to
be sacked back at the five yard line it is Gary ramey junior who got him
Eagles in a hurry up offense Scroggins with a crazy line up and it’ll be Tucker
over the right side he’s got running room to the 20 10 5 touchdown
viante Tucker on the craziest of formations you can imagine snaps high
kick is up it’s blocked it’s… no it’s a fake and the
Eagles will run it in for two oh my the Eagles with a two-point conversion lead
21-nothing Frederick in the backfield on the third
down play play-action estes throws Owens wide open touchdown jalepes is back
in in the backfield demetrius takes the handoff huge hole up the middle to the
40 45 the 50 I’m not sure they’re going to catch him
he’s at the 20 10 5 touchdown eagles and Vidal who was able to get the
onside kick last time is gonna try and convert it again here and here it comes
the kick is fielded Eagles have it one of the back men makes the play the
Eagles field the onside kick and the Eagles will take it over Scroggins will
go under Center and for the final time kneels it down and that’s the football
game the Eagles are ODAC champs Bridgewater raced out to a three
touchdown lead and they would need nearly all of it they’ll hold off randolph-macon 28 21 to win the Old Dominion Athletic crown here this afternoon at
jopson Athletic Complex the Eagles last odac championship came in 2005 now
the Eagles are winners the fans are storming the field the Eagles fans are
on the field celebrating what a scene it’s just a lot of work that we did put
in since this time last year when we played there a lot of work we put all this work in and we deserve this right here one more regular season game senior day
and then we’re on to ncaa tournament what’s the mindset no days off no days off so back
to work Monday back to work just when they got back in the game with some
of those offensive adjustments in the second half you break a 71 yard
touchdown right up the middle that’s a great player making a great run and it
was a gutsy effort there well throughout the day by Demetrius considering he got
dinged up last week and wasn’t able to practice much this week in preparation
but give a lot of credit to randolph-macon I mean we taught our kids
at the half this is a defending Conference champion they’re going to
throw a championship punch at you in the second half and they did that was a
gutsy move on his part going with the senior quarterback he came in and got
some things going for them but you know ultimately you know we got a stop when
we needed and we got the explosion play and I’m a conference champion not me but
our team is a conference champion and at some point yeah I’m going to study this
and then we’re gonna ID what we need to correct but at some point in this
business you better declare victory and I’m declaring victory today on behalf of
my coaches and our players that they’re championship people and
they’ve given us and this college a championship effort

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Dennis Veasley

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