Oh just look at her, Jacob! How could one
possibly focus on the class? The boy has already set his mind on writing a
romantic letter. Hey, beautiful! At least that’s what he wants to tell Emily. Not you, Emma! Sure that only pumps her interest even
more. Hey Emily! No! Get your sneaky hands off this
cheesy note! That’s embarrassing… Are you some kind of checkup that won’t let any
forbidden items go through?! Well it’s almost lunchtime but Jacob already lost
his appetite… Instead, he can use this lemon for citric purposes! Squeeze the
sourness that you just got from life and collect that juice with the paintbrush. Now go ahead and write that love letter to her. In this case, the cloak of
invisibility will be your advantage. Emily, now it’s your turn. You can have
this disappointing white page if you want, Emma. But Emily gets the same… Is this a joke or what? ‘Try to iron it’ Jacob gestures. Emily uses the suggestion and
carefully heats the note. Aww the heart says it all! I hope you like that sour
taste of lemons, Emma! Simplicity is what makes the feelings so sincere. I know, Emma, when life gives you lemons nobody likes to end up being the third wheel. Never leave your deepest secrets under a pillow. Especially a diary! Because someone might sneak in and accidentally find it. Her curiosity goes wild when she
finds a photo of Noah – Jessica’s crush! Aww so sweet! The intruder’s evil laughter attracts the owner of the diary fuming with anger! She takes back her precious notes kicking out Emily out of her room. Feeling embarrassed, Jessica me just find a solution near at hand. No worries, girl, just look around and the answer might just pop up into your view. Sometimes it takes more effort to keep your deepest secrets hidden. First she removes her old fashion photos of her picture board. Then takes a wine cork and
put some hot glue on it in order to stick it on the corner of the board. She need several more to create three rows of corks. These pillars will keep
your secret layer still. Now take the hairbrush.
Cover the back of it carefully with a layer of glue and stick it at the center of the board. Isn’t that a great door handle? Now Jessica can put her secrets inside the drawer and conceal it with this finished cover. She puts some casual items to camouflage this
Pandora’s box. We’ll see how Emily will manage to find
Jessica’s diary this time! The sly one sneaks in again, scanning the room for
the forbidden secrets. It should be under the pillows! Under the bed? In the drawer? Only boring accessories there… Well played, Jessica… Jacob would never miss any goal scored by his favorite football team even during Spanish class. Little does he know, you’re not supposed to watch sports
during class. Mrs. Dubie is obviously not moved by the results of the game. Jacob’s puppy eyes were blown by her judging glare. At least try to be more productive,
buddy! If only this page would be a monitor… He might not learn Spanish but the smarty pants sure knows the perfect way to keep watching sports in class! First of all, trace your phone in your
notebook so you can make a crater. Then cut and extend the depth of the crater
in the pages so the phone could drop inside. Cover it with other pages so it
would make a perfect camouflage. Open your notebook and never lose track of
the results in the match! The Spanish teacher will think of you as a star
student. Mrs Dubie will never suspect where those bad grades come from. *chuckle* But for Jacob,
it’s a perfect touchdown that he scored! When Emily finds an article about webcam
hackers, paranoia takes over. Someone might actually be watching through this
tiny little eye above her screen. Emily is going through all kinds of possible
scenarios in her mind. At this very moment, some kind of intruder may be
trespassing her private territory without any permission. What if it’s someone familiar? Or maybe it’s a super intelligent life form from a distant planet. She could stick a bubble gum on it! But um.. eh… no… it looks quite disgusting! Maybe her own scarf? Well that’s not the best way to view the screen, is it? Hmm… Maybe a sticky note? Although I’ve seen this in many offices it’s very unlikely that it will hold… Maybe this keychain nametag might get
useful. It just needs a little upgrade to make it perfect. Firstly remove the tag
itself and flip it over. Put a piece of double-sided tape in order to stick it
out on the webcam. Crop a small square for the cam eye. Cut a slice of a cute
washi tape on a piece of paper to make it look flashier. Make it the right
width and cut a nice round edge. Now slide it smoothly into the keychain
and blind those hackers with rainbows! Now Emily is getting a lot of attention
from her friends noticing this colorful pride covering the webcam. Being a thoughtful friend she made a personalized one for each of the girls. Ladies, don’t let those cyber stalkers get to you! So long mr. Stranger! Hope you never see us again! Ha! Emily must peep on her boyfriend’s
captivating phone screen that he’s so careful about. Maybe if he doesn’t notice the sneaky girl behind his back she will be able to get her eyes on the screen. What’s best about the weekends is that Jacob can
have a good midday nap without moving an inch! This is her time to act. Sneaky Emily goes straight for the phone bumping into a passcode that is
impossible to guess! She’s certain of what she can do as soon as her eyes fall
on a bright red lipstick. All she needs to do is put a layer of it on sleepy
boyfriend’s thumb. Then cut a piece of tape and put it on the thumb to make a
perfect lipstick copy of the fingerprint. Now the sly Emily can put a replica on her own finger to use it to open this mysterious Pandora’s box. Emily grins victoriously only to find Jacob’s research on a perfect gift for her upcoming birthday. It’s nice to find lovely intention under the sleeve of
your significant other, right? Madison, did you prepare your homework for literature class? The final countdown is on. With nowhere to run, she picks Emma’s USB key
without a blink and gives it to mrs. Dubie as her own. The woman expects the same from Emma. It was definitely here just a second ago! No homework, no good grades, dear… Emma recognizes the exact culprit who stole
her homework! Now all Emma needs is a counteraction plan. Those spare physical education tennis balls might actually be a good prevention against burglary! All she needs to do is make a straight cut through the ball so the USB key would fit in. The malevolent teacher is coming to take the
students homework. Sadly Madison finds just some irrelevant
things like a spare tennis ball on Emma’s table. Meanwhile, the nerdy girl
pulls her own homework out of the tennis ball and her dignity as a good student
is back! Finally, Madison gets the mark she deserves – detention. Jessica needs some cash to grab a bus. And she finds it strange that her cute piglet doesn’t hold a single penny. Oh yes… It’s time for Emily to make her run! This little swindler! At least she left
her bowl with snacks… Wait a minute… piggy bank… This little piglet may serve
as a decoy! Let’s take an empty Cola can and cut it in half. We’ll cover the edges with duct tape. Try not to cut your fingers during the process. Be careful because Jessica is! Insert the can inside a jar full of dried corn. Put some more
of those grains around the can. And this is where your money goes in. Paper or coins – doesn’t matter. Close the jar and you get a casual
looking dried corn bank! Now there’s going to be no more savings for Emily to
take! The piggy bank will stay as poor as Emily without Jessica’s earnings. She would definitely have more luck if she tried to harvest corn. Maybe it’s time for you to get a job, Emily? *chuckle* Meanwhile, a bus ride won’t be the only thing Jessica
will afford! Craft class is agonizing for someone like Noah, unable to talk to Jessica. Well instead of speaking, he could at least write her a letter. But maybe… that’s not it. His struggles caught Jessica’s ambiguous glare. Umm… are you… ripping this page away again,
Noah? Maybe something like… “Let’s go on a date” does sound a bit bald, wouldn’t you say? Oh, come on, Noah! Stop burdening yourself already! Defeated by the tension, the boy walks away giving space to Jessica’s inquiring mind. Her eyes go through the boys notes containing crossed out scribbles that are impossible to read… Umm… Jess as creative as she is takes a piece of red plastic
screen. Now she can use it as a red filter to read what’s written in blue only to reveal the magic straightforward words! She quickly writes down a reply to
the invitation. Sure! Free after school? Noah comes back only to find an answer
that he was dreaming about! He realizes that Jess is witty enough to read
through the scribbles. *laughter* Just don’t be too awkward once you’re out! Hey, Crafty Pandas! I hope you enjoyed these life hacks! Let us know which of them you’re gonna use next in the comments down below. If you want to learn
more feel free to check out our older videos! Hit the subscribe button and ring
that bell to stay tuned for more!

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