hello homestead please stand for the
pledge I pledge allegiance to the flag of the
United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation
under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all please stay standing for
a moment of silence coming up on today’s episode of HHS
in-depth you’ll see part two of the assistant principal series reporter
Andre Centlivre is making this week you’ll meet Mr. Zvers and learn about
his roles as a homestead administrator you’ll meet the newest guidance
counselor to homestead mrs. Edwards and learn about how she’s adjusting to our
school reporter Carly Flanagan brings you a story about next year’s trip our
foreign language Department is taking to France and how you can join the other
teachers and students on this trip reporter Alex Peters brings you a story
over upcoming student run production coming to homestead Ashton and Caleb are
in with another Locker report this week profiling our number-two ranked boys
tennis team And Drew Persinger will give us his weekly weather segment the
drew point, we’ll bring you all those stories and more coming up on HHS in
depth for Friday September 13 hello homestead I’m drew Persinger and
I’m Chris Wang welcome to today’s episode of HHS in-depth we begin today’s
show with the second installment of a four-part series looking to our citizen
principles here at homestead reporter and recently recently caught up with
mister zvers to learn about his roles as an assistant principal many students
at Homestead noticed the administrators walking around the school you may have
seen misters Zvers and wondered what he does the assistant principal describes
what he does for our school and how he is able to do this I kind of oversee
some certain areas senior experiences one of the things I do is I work with
the teachers and the students in that program I also am the coordinator for
the career and Tech Ed so oversee those kinds of courses there’s some meetings
and qualifications and I manage grants that we get from the state for our
career and tech ed classes I work with teachers as all the assistant principals
do as far as observing and evaluating them just trying to make sure that
everyone’s the best that could be as far as teachers I also work with testing I
am and specifically administer the I learned science test of the biology
students and then I administer the dual credit qualifying exams after school he
claims it can be hard yet interesting to work in this profession with all of
these students I think the best thing you can do to handle is just have a have
a good attitude and be willing to work with people I think that’s something
that we probably all share is that with teachers and administrators is you like
working with people being a problem solver
whether that’s answering parents questions or teachers or students I
think that’s why every day is interesting to me because it’s always
different there’s always something new that comes up that makes the job fun and
interesting principals whereas talks to all the new students about what to
introduce yourself into and the sociality of our students I think one of
the best things I saw was just to get involved I know friday night we had
probably the largest student section that i’ve ever seen since i’ve been here
my five or six years there were about 600 students so I basically just get
involved even if you don’t like football come to the games and watch the band but
you get to be around whole different group
students you know outside of school you get to meet a bunch of different people
it’s high-energy and students look like they’re having a lot of fun so I think
you get to know people if you just get involved and whether it’s going to
athletic events or watching the band or just get involved one of our clubs so
this place is a great place to be because the the kits that we get to work
within the families misters readers would like to reinforce the homestead is
a great school and that the students should be joining clubs and being social
with your learning catch me next week for an interview with mrs. Bay and what
her job regulates reporting for HHS in-depth I’m Andres anteroom juniors and
seniors the following colleges will be visiting homestead if you would like to
attend the meeting you must sign up in student services and get your pass at
least one day prior to the visit Monday September 16th
Ohio University Tuesday September 17th Valparaiso University and Brown
University Wednesday September 18 IUPUI Thursday September 19th Franklin
College and Friday September 20th the University of Michigan and High Point
University juniors and seniors if you are interested in the career and fields
such as welding heating ventilation air conditioning refrigeration maintenance
and service plumbing and pipe fitting these are jobs that are very high in
demand right now mr. Rogers will be leading a field trip to the local
plumbers and steamfitters facility on Friday September 27th this field trip
will expose you to opportunities and fields not generally covered in school a
sign-up sheet will be emailed to all juniors and seniors space is limited to
the first 40 students who sign up so please don’t delay see mr. Rogers in
room 527 for more information young Americans for freedom is back this
school year starting on Tuesday September 17th in room 718 stop in after
school if you like politics current events and a good conversation with your
peers all political viewpoints are welcome and they typically have snacks
freshmen student government election petitions are due today by 2:40 p.m. to
Muskaan early in the academy office or to miss moss in room 723 absolutely no
late petitions will be accepted so get them in as soon as possible spring
sports participants swing packages have arrived if you or your spring team
earned recognition please stop by the athletic office at door 4 as soon as
possible to pick up your patches during school hours
well there are always teachers to homestead this year we’ve
also gotten a new guidance counselor reporter Elena hope brings you a story
introducing us to miss Edwards the newest staff member to student services
this year homesteaders welcomed a new guidance counselor into the building
mrs. Edwards has joined the hard-working staff and her strive to help students
succeed throughout the school year and guide them towards the post-secondary
goals everyone here has been so friendly I think I’ve probably worn the carpet
bare going up and down the hallway talking to different colleagues within
the guidance department homesteads a fantastic school I’m really really
impressed with the student climate and culture here as well as just all the
opportunities for students it’s exciting to talk to them about those as their
counselor many people don’t actually know what counselors do throughout the
day there are various different jobs and responsibilities that they have to
accomplish in order to benefit the students really I think just you know
getting to know my caseload of students I have grades 10 through 12 so I’m
already starting to meet with seniors and that’s the lots of fun and just kind
of integrating myself in the school community through all kinds of options
and activities no day is the same in this job which is why I love it I can
come to I can start my day in the office with an agenda but it definitely doesn’t
mirror that because a student may have a need a parent may have a need really as
much as I can I want to have students in here talking with them I don’t want to
just be stuck to my chair in my office on my computer all day and it never
looks like that so every day is a little different but student interaction is the
typical common part of it mrs. Edwards has some wise words for the students
here at homestead start strong it will help you finish strong
in talking with seniors this year you know it’s it’s really important to you
know make a good solid transcript for yourself down the road to open up
post-secondary opportunities try to get involved in as much as you can so you’re
not just an academic student but you’re also a well-rounded Spartan that’s
really important whether it’s in the office meeting with a student or in the
classroom talking to advisories guidance counselor’s always strive to support
students throughout the school year if you were interested in meeting with your
guidance counselor fill out a blue sheet in the Student Services office reporting
for HHS in-depth I’m Elaina hope you enjoy reading books are you
interested in discussing books of other classmates do you want to read more get
out to a book club Wednesday September 18th in mr. Beer’s room 117
after school until 3:30 p.m. they will be discussing their plans for this year
including voting on the first book they will be reading snacks will be provided
seniors applications for the IU wells Scholars Program are due on Monday
September 16th at 2:45 p.m. this competitive scholarship covers four
years of tuition and fees at IU Bloomington go to the homestead website
then guidance and then click scholarship listing for more information get hooked
on fishing the homestead fishing club will have its first meeting on Wednesday
September 18th in room 904 from 2:45 to 3:30 email mrs. tutor or stop by room
904 if you have questions you’ve heard the announcements regarding art lab and
the first meeting is finally here ask your email any art teacher to be
added to the art lab canvas group to stay informed about upcoming activities
the first art lab will be on Thursday September 19th after school from 2:45 to
3:45 p.m. they’ll be hosting guest artists Jared Tobias he will discuss his
role in the Fort Wayne street art scene and lead students in a stenciling and
spray the Dungeons & Dragons Club will meet today in the cafeteria annex until
4:30 physics Club will meet Monday in mr. Len festes room room 207 after
school word about projectile motion as you shoot nerf guns next year a foreign
language department is going to France and you can still sign up for join them
reporter Kylie Flanagan brings you the story this summer the French Department
is taking students overseas to France many students are excited to travel
mr. Simon and other chaperones look forward to sightseeing and helping
French students advance and their understanding of the French language
next summer from June 15 to June 23rd will be in Paris nice Monaco Monte Carlo
and will visit the small city of iziz a medieval city in the Cote d’Azur in
France I’m very excited to practice my budding French skills I don’t speak
French fluently but I do know a little bit of French and I’m very excited to
learn more vocabulary and to get better as a French speaker and I also have
never visited France so this for me will be my
time in Paris in order to raise funds for this upcoming trip mr. Semyon will
sell a famous French recipe for all to enjoy every Friday last year before the
end of the school year we studied the dollar clip we make crepes on Fridays
and it’s wonderfully crap we’ve your choice of coffee or tea the attendees
hope to increase their knowledge about Frances culture and exploring another
country I think one of the great things that they can learn is they would be
exposed to the French culture language and just the the ambiance of different
parts of France so you’ll go from Paris and then all the way to nice which is in
southern France and that coat does you or the French Riviera and so you get to
see the diversity of French culture and at the same time some of the most famous
things that people think about when they think about France I plan to learn about
the French culture in a way that you probably couldn’t unless you actually
went there and experienced it yourself I was encouraged to take this trip when I
realized the opportunity that it would give me and expanding my knowledge and
about France in general and I don’t really think there’s a better way to do
it than with my close friends and some of my favorite teachers if you’re
interested in going to France there are two spots left so be sure to listen to
the announcements about upcoming meetings and information reporting for
HHS in depth I’m Carly Flanagan the FCCLA coffee bar located next to the
cafeteria will be open starting Monday morning it will be open before school
from 7:20 to 7:40 a.m. and after school from 235 to 250 p.m.
stop by to get coffee juice pop-tarts and other various snacks all proceeds go
towards funding FCCLA s state and national competitions it’s your move
chess club will meet next week after school on Thursday September 19th rooms
608 senior uns room go for the snacks stay for the fun and now reporter Alex
Peters brings you a story over an upcoming student-run production at
Homestead many students are homestead participate in performing arts but not
many students can say they produce their own play students Bethany Villa Roos and
Danny bean are leading a completely student-run production of the popular
play Waiting for Godot we’re putting on a student production of Waiting for
Godot which is a play by Samuel Beckett and all of the proceeds from that play
are going to the Fort Wayne Center for non-violence
it’s a student-run production because students are doing all the work normally
at a homestead play it’s under the theater department so mr. Shaw is
directing we have a budget from the school where we have outside people
usually come and do the sets or help with the sets and there’s a little more
adult supervision now for this production it’s all students so students
are acting directing or sourcing our props from what we already have in the
homestead theatre department the idea originated after reading the play in
class so in the AP literature class dr. price teaches Waiting for Godot and we
just saw it was a really interesting play Danny said we should do that play
and I said you know what yeah let’s make it happen let’s not just talk about it
we’re going to do it and we’re going to do something with it we’re not just
going to put on a play for ourselves we’re going to put on a play for other
people and to help other people the play is very unique and unlike other
shows performed our homestead in the past the basic plot is that it’s really
just these two guys waiting for somebody who never comes or some but something or
someone who never comes and they encounter some people along the way but
in a broader sense it’s about why are we here what are we doing what is the human
purpose it’s it’s really weird but it’s fun yeah as well as being student-run
the production we’ll also be donating proceeds to charity we’re doing it as a
fund raiser for the Fort Wayne Center for non-violence so all profits will go
to them now the Center for non-violence is an organization dedicated to helping
eradicate violence in and around Fort Wayne so they have programs they have
better intervention programs programs for protection of victims of abuse and
youth programs to help stop violent behaviors early there will be two
showings of the production the production is on September 19th and 20th
that is a Thursday and Friday at 7 p.m. at the homestead auditorium tickets will
be on sale the week of the production at all lunches as well as at the door and
it’s $5 to enter and if you’d like to make an extra donation for the Fort
Wayne Center for non-violence we would love that as well make sure to head out
to see the production next week for a night you won’t forget reporting for HHS
in-depth I’m Alex Peters if you ever wanted to go to Africa and
take part in a safari right through Kruger National Park then listen to this
message from mrs. Vale about an important meeting taking place next
Wednesday hi I’m mrs. Vale and I would like to invite you to come to an
informational meeting next Wednesday September 18th at 6:30 p.m. we’re going
to be talking about our upcoming trip 2021 to South Africa in the summer of
2021 we’re going to spend three days in Cape Town three days in Johannesburg and
three days in Kruger National Park going on a safari so if you are interested at
all and you are a sophomore junior or freshman please plan to come to the
informational meeting that is next Wednesday September 18th at 6:30 p.m. in
room 213 thank you and now it’s time for this week’s installment of the locker
report with Ashton Hackman and Caleb wood this week we caught up with our
number-two ranked boys tennis team hello homestead I’m ashtin Ackman it’s
time for another edition of the locker report this week we profile a team
hoping to score big at state this year with a younger and stronger team we get
caught up with the homestead boys tennis team your team of the week the homestead
boys tennis team is in full swing this season dominating the competition and
starting the year ranked second in the state season going really good we’re
undefeated in duel matches and in every duel match we haven’t lost a single
match so I think we’re doing really good too in the state got a little bit to
improve on but good start the seasons been going really well this year I feel
like we have really good team chemistry we really connect when we play matches
like we cheer each other on all the time after coming up short to the state title
last year and killing it in the regular season so far this year the team has
their eyes set on one goal I think as a team we really want to push ourselves
and reach state you know last year we had a good run we almost got to stay we
lost in the first round of state but this year we just want to like push
ourselves to our very best and win state this year
ultimately think that we could win state I mean there’s always Carmel but I think
we can beat them this year because we have a really strong team
we’re – in the state instead of three so I really think we can be really
competitive in state so that we can win despite the hard work putting through
practices and games the team still shares many moments together both on and
off the court favorite memory I’d have to say when
Andy Maya warms up every day we’re like halfway through practice and he’s still
in short court my favorite memory has got to be with Lucas vashaun cheers on
the team get some pumped up for the matches he’s the hypest man in Homestead
tennis there’s this kid named Thaddeus dress on this team
he downs like five sodas like before matches so yeah it’s pretty funny you
can catch the boys tennis team in action tomorrow at home now here’s sports
reporter Caleb Lloyd to get us caught up on Homestead sports action
hello homestead I’m sports reporter Caleb wood and here’s a look at what
happened this past week in Homestead athletics the Spartan football team
dominated Bishop Luers last Friday going 48 to 0 at the end of the first half and
ultimately winning 51 and nothing points are scored by Jake Archibald Brayden
Hardwick Griffin little and a pick six by Morgan layman all three games this
season have shown IHSA a’s new mercy rule in action if a team gets beat by 35
points or more the game goes to a running clock in the second half off to
the races now are the boys cross-country team competed in the state preview meet
in Terre Haute this past Saturday the varsity race was won by homestead senior
Jared Neff led the homestead pack with the second-place finish in a time of
1556 Keegan Stuckey placed 8th and dining McArdle rounded out the top 20 as
for the girls that competed at Marion on Saturday the team placed ninth overall
was senior Julia Dvorak leading the team with a 5th place finish and sophomore
Amelia Faber behind her in 9th place good luck to both teams as they head to
the Bruin invite tomorrow at Northrop the girls golf team took second on
Saturday at the Hall of Fame classic senior Morgan de beiges shot her first
ever hole-in-one on top of that her younger sister Maddie shot 7-under
setting yet again another school record by four strokes the volleyball team fell
to Belmont 3 to 0 on Tuesday good luck to them as they head to Huntington North
next Tuesday next the boys tennis team had another 5 to 0 win on Wednesday this
time against Warsaw High School they compete here at home tomorrow morning
and finally the boys soccer team defeated DeKalb to 2-0 on Wednesday they
play Noblesville tomorrow that was a look at this week in Spartan athletics
for the locker report I’m Caleb wood and now here is the student section video
for tonight’s football game at Bishop Dwenger hawaiian-themed adds winger this Friday
we’ll see you that and now an important announcement regarding homesteads Dance
Marathon we are having a Riley night at the next Friday home football game
against Snider there’ll be a miracle minute where we try to get as much money
we can in the stands all proceeds go to the Children’s Hospital so be sure to
bring money to donate to Riley’s congratulations to Senor Morgan – baisha
who was chosen as this week’s athlete of the week on our Twitter poll Morgan shot
her first and the program’s first ever hole-in-one last Saturday
congratulations Morgan and if you would like to nominate someone for athlete of
the week shoot us a message on Twitter or email us at HHS ID sports at
gmail.com be sure to follow the locker report on social media for sports clips
highlights as well as our new poll where you can vote for the Spartan athlete of
the week that’s all for this edition of the lock report for Caleb wood I’m
Ashley Nachman good luck to all Spartan athletes in action tomorrow and have a
great weekend and now it’s time to find out about this weekend’s weather
forecast as jus heads over to the weather set to bring you the drew point howdy homestead welcome to another
edition of the drew point get your oh darn ready because we’re looking at the
possibility of some thunderstorms tonight let’s get to that forecast
tonight we’re looking at slight chance of thunderstorms with a high temperature
of 83 in a low of 58 on Saturday it’s gonna be partly cloudy with a high of 79
and low of 60 and then on Sunday it’s gonna be partly cloudy again with a high
temperature of 83 and a low of 65 there you have it everybody that’s your
weekend forecast make sure you follow the true point on Instagram for updates
on delays cancellations and severe weather until next week I’m
traversing see a homestead well that wraps up today’s edition of HHS in depth
I’m drew Persinger and I’m Chris Hwang thank you for watching today be sure to
follow us on social media for behind-the-scenes clips and digital
exclusives today we leave you with a song you can catch on homesteads radio
stations the point 91 fm have a great weekend and we’ll see you

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