Obviously pretty sad news. He was one of my
closest friends on tour. I think everyone kind of said their piece yesterday. I knew
I was always going to do something. He was one of my best friends. We did stuff like
ride on rollercoasters together, all that sort of stuff. Sad day for the sport. He’s
a legend. I felt like he was someone that everyone could relate to, especially myself. He has a good fighting spirit. He have been
a hard worker. Is not nice to finish like this because is great that you finish when
you want to finish, not because of another thing. Overall, when he puts everything on
the balance, will be that the positive things of the balance are much heavier than the negative
things, even if in the end is not probably the way that he dreamed about. For me, I felt really sad because I’ve never
really talked to him before Brisbane, right? Then we started talking. He was so nice. Like,
he’s a super nice person. Now I just feel like I lost – he’s not a friend – but I lost
someone that could be a friend. Well, I read yesterday. I had a knot in my
stomach. It’s not easy to see a great player retiring because of the injuries actually.
He was struggling a lot these years. I always admired him. He’s a great person. Little bit
crazy on court, but I like that because I’m similar. Don’t know what to say. I’m very sad.
I was seeing that he wasn’t moving well yet last week, but I didn’t think that was coming.
So very sad honestly. I played many times, and I learn many things from him. He’s one of the best guys on tour outside
the court. He’s always super nice to be around, super nice to kind of be in the locker room
with. The media always kind of puts him as a boring guy who doesn’t give interviews well
or something like that. No, he’s actually one of the funniest and coolest dudes out
there. We as players, the amount of support he got, as well, you can see how much we really
like, really appreciate what he’s done.

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Dennis Veasley

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