spring upon us so our spring sports like softball track and field and tennis now tomorrow marks the first installment of the Helena crosstown rivalry on the tennis courts now for the last 24 years Helena high head coach Lance Boucher has been a part of the rivalry of his first four years with the Hellenic capital and the last two decades he’s been with the Bengals now in the first crosstown matchup of the season Boucher is looking for continuity even though the weather has made their practice schedule anything but continuous I’m looking for a lot of consistency a lot of energy going out there and I look for some really good scores for us it’s pretty tough when you got 70 kids on either two or three courts so it’s not a lot of hitting we got as much as we could in we’ve had about two weeks now out the Bulls woman this weekend was basically washed out we only got three matches in so it’s been kind of tough kids are pretty anxious to get out there and have a good long day of some of some matches and when you think of crosstown rivalry is like basketball or football it can get pretty rowdy out in the stands but according to fill our Santos that rivalry is pretty amicable right now well there is like definitely a good relationship between capital and Helena we have like a good competitive relationship where we want to win obviously and we still like going along with each other which is always fun to see and we all know each other because we’ve played with each other usually

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Dennis Veasley

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