and now we have crosstown tennis we’ll start with the boys singles it’s Norris blossom of Helena high taking on Jonathan Schiff and this one is going to be back and forth for a battle but with this back turn blossom is going to return the love and it is just over the line and now on to the boys doubles capitals Bridger Grove man Parker Johnston taking on Tanner davon Howard and Luke Donaldson and Johnson buries one in two Helena high territory but Helena High boys pick up the win seven to one now – Barney Park for the girls side of things marnet mara Flynn and Sydney Gibson of capital taking on Emma Haskett and Malina hammer of Helena high and it’s gonna be Gibson taking advantage of that area and she’s going to put it in for them and now to the girls singles Matador de Filippis of capital taking on Shay jack avec of Helena high and it’s going to be develop is who’s going to take advantage of that and just serve one up and let it go and women where the girls win six to two and something to know folks have you plan on head

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Dennis Veasley

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