This autistic player wasn’t supposed to
be playing high school basketball, but he got put into a game. What happened next was unbelievable! What is up dudes, dudettes, ballers, players. It’s ya boi MJ. Today I wanted to talk about the time Jason
McElwain, an autistic high schooler, was put into a division title basketball game. If you like this video and these stories,
like and subscribe for more content and follow me on Instagram for shoutouts! Just wanted to wish all of you an early Happy
Thanksgiving and give you one of the most heartfelt basketball stories out there. I’m also thinking about dropping merch for
the ALLDAY community so let me know in the comments if you want that. Alright let’s get into it. 11 Years ago, Jason McElwain was a senior
in Greece Athena High School and was a manager for the high school basketball team. Jason McElwain, known as J-Mac, has high functioning
autism, making it difficult for him to play competition basketball. In fact, J-Mac had never played in a high
school basketball game, but was always involved by being a manager and assistant. Everyone in his high school loved Jason because
he was always caring towards others and his teammates loved him because he always kept
trying. The year was ending and Jason’s coach told
him that he would play since there weren’t going to be many chances to put him in. So on February 15, 2006, the Greece Athena
High School gym was packed with people showing support for Jason. This game was not any normal game either. It was a division title game. So when Greece Athena got a large lead, J-Mac
got put in with 4 minutes and 19 seconds left in the game and the crowd erupted. Jason missed his first shot by about 6 feet,
missed another shot, and it wasn’t looking too good, but then one of the most best moments
in sports happened. J-Mac would become as “hot as a pistol”
and scored 20 points! Yeah, he scored 20 POINTS in less than 5 minutes
including six 3 pointers! Every three he made, the crowd roared and
when it was all said and done, the crowd rushed the court and lifted Jason above their shoulders. He had tied a school record for three pointers
and most importantly, had just taken the dreams of a community and achieved it. This moment won the ESPY Award for the Best
Moment in Sports. Jason even met George W. Bush and beyond high
school, Jason McElwain has a full time job in New York. He travels around the US to raise autism awareness
and raise money for research. Recently in April 2016, J-Mac played one game
for the Rochester Razorsharks, a professional minor-league basketball team. With the Razorsharks up by more than 40 points,
J-Mac was put in and scored 10 points. He’s even qualified and competed in the
Boston Marathon. The point is that Jason fought through autism
and gave one moment that people will never forget. It’s like the perfect movie. What Jason did was unbelievable and he has
used his fame in the right ways, to help with awareness and research for autism. With Thanksgiving coming up, I thought that
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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “He Was NOT Supposed To Play Basketball, But He Made History”

  1. Dude your videos lately have been fire!!! Also man you got one of the best fanbases in YouTube. keep up your channel work. your gonna reach 1mil one day

  2. Puts a big red circle around his crying face and in bold letter right next to it put "autistic player"
    Savage thumbnail

  3. Puts a big red circle around his crying face and in bold letter right next to it put "autistic player"
    Savage thumbnail

  4. Happy early thanksgiving to every one! This is a story that should be known and thought about every one thanks to MJ for making such a video!

  5. I was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Dealing with it was rough. I always thought I was normal. I still have a hard time believing that I'm suffering with this condition. Before I found out I have this condition. I got Cut from my high school basketball team twice. No matter how hard I work on my game, I still struggle to play competition basketball. As soon as I found out the cause of it was my condition I was heart broken.

  6. Autism has absolutely nothing to do with physical capabilities. It MIGHT effect the other choices he makes on the court mentally though. I can almost guarantee you that over 80 percent of autism cases are not bad enough to put a SINGLE DENT in an athletes performance. Unlike what most people see from TV and media, most people with autism are TOTALLY NOT THAT IMPAIRED. Very rarely are people COMPLETELY retarded-like when it comes to autism. I feel no joy in this story. Also I really hate the thumbnail. The entire purpose of the thumbnail was to make him look way more autistic then he really is to make more people watch the video.

  7. One of his best friends Michael Chiasson came to my school in Calgary to tell us about life and it's ups and downs. He told us his story and showed us the video of him dropping threes. He was so inspirational.

  8. Something like this happened to my friend. He had stage two autism and another disability where he couldn't really talk.He also had a mental disability. One day we were playing dodge ball at gym period and he got the last person out and everyone was so happy for him yelling and screaming and everyone surrounded him I was so happy for him

  9. My teacher once told me about his high school debate career. He said something about autistic people are actually X Men.

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