– Hey, what’s up? Ready to battle? (tennis ball pops) This guy’s just steady. No weapons really. (tennis ball pops) I got this. All right man, up or down? Right, why don’t you just serve then? (grunts) Aaah Jesus. God, what the (beep) This guy’s an absolute machine. (tennis ball pops) Was that in or out? Just not going to answer me? Alrighty then. Man (beeps) I’m never (beeps) (racket thuds) Playing tennis with you again. (cheerful music) (racket crashes) (upbeat music)

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Dennis Veasley

7 thoughts on “Having Trouble Finding Tennis Partners? Learn From Scott Baxter’s Mistake!”

  1. Don't forget to check out the PlayYourCourt community to receive custom video coaching, find practice partners and improve your tennis game. Here's the link: http://bit.ly/2XboCMU

  2. Hi Scott, I know you guys are based in the US but Europe, particularly Paris needs your "player matching format". Currently the only platform is 'Meet up" – Greater Paris Tennis Group – 1350 members. I just logged in and see that "Playyourcourt" has like 50 meet up groups in America.

  3. Just a question what kind of ball machines you guys recommend
    I live in Syria so it’s really tough to find parents and how much does it costs

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