When I left church three years ago I was suddenly
robbed by this whole realization that maybe God doesn’t exist my moral character have been judged by
my own people, not by other religions I don’t usually bring up topics about
religion because I would always end up with conflicts with my friends. Religion is
supposed to be about peace not conflict. why is there this sudden divide. I think
it’s a great shame that people seem to have got caught up in so many other kind
of cultural trappings of religion to and using that as an excuse to create
divisions between people. Every religion has a violence we must look at ourself before we
judge others. Non-buddhists they complain that you burn all those offerings and then you just
messed the whole place up. No matter what religion you are from it’s not right to impose it on others, it is
not right to kill in the name of the religion. I don’t want to see my loved one
get hurt if that happened to them how would I react what I’m going to ask you to do is if
the answer to what i say is yes just take a tennis ball out and you’re
going to get rid of it alright so question number one: Has any friend or
family member ever tried to talk you out of your faith? Has an online comment from a Singaporean
criticizing your religion ever made you feel afraid for your own safety? Do you feel that people from certain religions are
more likely to become terrorists? Have you ever felt excluded, neglected, sad or angry?
Unfairly passed over at work? Refused… …assumed anything negative? …more difficult
because of your faith? This next and last section every time
you recognize the answer to that is yes I would like you to retrieve a tennis
ball and put it back into your jar Has anyone of a different faith ever
gone out of their way to accommodate your religious practices? Has anyone of a different faith ever defended your religion? Initiated an
interest in being your friend? Invited you to their place of worship? Fairly
recognize… peacemaker… a generous gesture to help someone who happens to be of a
different religion? Well at my age and coming to this sort of
thing I found it very exciting and thrilling that I got to mix with a lot of
variety of people. The section about having to share about maybe some not so
positive things that we’ve done, that was definitely difficult to own up to It’s important to be honest about it. I
don’t have a specific group that I have to mix just because of my belief. We can’t empathize
with somebody if we don’t fully understand where they’re coming from. But at the same time I think it’s important
to remember that even if we don’t agree with what somebody’s saying, we have to
respect their right to hold their belief Just remain cool, tolerant, weigh the pros
and cons of what the other is trying to say. All of us are guilty about talking about
things that we don’t fully understand but not talking about it I think will have
very serious implications on our society Here in Singapore I don’t feel any fear.
People are actually open about it if they want to talk about religion. You can ask.
There’s no problem by asking. Learn a lot, you start appreciating a lot of things. It’s been my experience that certain
relatively other cultures and places that I’ve lived, our religions here do
seem to co-exist pretty harmoniously. No one is a stranger to us, we are all one
human being understand each other.

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Dennis Veasley

33 thoughts on “Have you ever talked openly about religion in Singapore?”

  1. The irony of this video is that its title bravely puts forth a sensitive question never tackled in Singapore, yet the content of the video is staggeringly status-quo; advancing the same usual safe-zone discussion points of 'we have to respect the right to hold their belief' or 'we have to be honest about it'. What insight is the viewer offered here? None whatsoever. Looking forward to a future video scrutinising the actual content of a religion instead.

  2. I have no idea what this video's core message ultimately is. Discrimination due to faith and others pushing theirs onto you happens, yes. Everybody has experienced someone of another faith forcing theirs onto you, be it of another religion or atheism. Some people perceive the action of inviting another person out of your faith to a church is being friendly and inviting, but may be offensive to others.

    You're digging only the surface, and not even deep enough to begin opening a legitimate discussion. Try again.

  3. Hi guys, hi future viewers and future commenters, do note the channel name is kindnesssSG 🙂 I believe the video's intention is to show how exactly being kind can bring about a better day for everyone. Being kind enough to understand others viewpoint, kind enough to absorb any discussion content but not argue back in a hateful manner. Afterall we all grew up with multi-racial friends, don't let different beliefs affect our kindness to one another. When we have a cut, we all bleed red blood. Just a 2cent worth. Peace. 🙂

  4. I just found out who I am.
    Im a special kinded heart person and alwayd stay positive and know whats right and wrong.

  5. The girl in the thumbnail(The one with the white shirt and long hair) is my girlfriend. This topic was very personal to her because of our relationship. She was a Christian, I was an atheist(Who strongly believed in science more than faith).

    When it came to religion there were indeed conflicts. It felt like there was almost no compromise that can be made in terms of religion.

    But we learnt that we can tolerate each other's religious views and that is by respecting each other's views and learning more about why the other believe what they believe

    Understanding and tolerance is all it takes for two people of different religious views to co-exist

  6. What if I wore a shirt that God is not real? Will people get offended? Ill probably have to keep my eyes peeled in case a religious nutjob attacks me. Isnt it my right to showcase my opinion out loud the same way religious people proudly do? The double standard is so real.

  7. Modern industrial development can go on and on without religious elements. We share a common interest in developing the economy and raising the overall welfare of people, religious powers should come in aid to that, not opposing it.

  8. All religions preach the same virtue of kindness/passion.

    The only time when conflict results in when a believer believes his religion to be absolute (aka better than others) and allows his belief to manifest in negative actions. Any discussion on religion should be focused here.

  9. since this popped up as an ad, i was gonna skip it immediately but then they talk about how Buddhists burn paper and just leave it on the ground. from my vague understanding from friends, it is taboo to step on ashes of these burnt paper. so for the Buddhists out there, is there a way to resolve this? it is one thing to respect other religions but it is another to tolerate pollution. also, come the Chinese seventh month, incense and candles flood the edges of grass patches. i dont know why this is done and quite frankly i dont care. im at a point where i dont care who you are and what you believe in. i dont care what you do but please just spare a thought for your neighbors and not do anything to trouble them. the same goes for the lion dance ceremonies in malls. it is too loud and it impairs people's hearing. while im at it, Malay weddings under the HDBs make it difficult to navigate through the void deck; especially if it's raining. personally the closest thing you can call as my faith is Christianity. However, most of the time i refuse to identify myself as one of those two faced, superficial, ego maniacs. let me be clear. i am Chinese myself so im not being racist when im talking about the lion dance and stuff. i am really just pointing out things that will, almost as if intentionally, piss off the other races.

  10. wow. i usually am not very convinced by 'realistic' campaign ads – but this was done very well. very meaningful and succinct. kudos sg kindness movement!! 🙂

    the video while doesn't give any answers, makes us think about these questions, and the second set of questions shows that harmony is indeed possible. it would be great if the whole video with the full set of questions could also be uploaded! 🙂

  11. Today in 21st century of hi-tech advance that mankind are sharing & contributing interdependently & therefore there is nothing wrong or any hidden agenda of whatsoever to think & speak out loud & clear about humankind in term of colors, races, environmental & cultural values, beliefs or religions, backgrounds or statue etc on this tiny grain of sand so called earth as long as we are with the concept of "respect & being respected" – in moderation way or path to each other. Apart from thinking & speaking we next move to the behavior or action or doing – we must not hurt or injury others for that matter the most not to mention about killings such as like animals fight & kill for food. Here the" killings" mean killing our own brothers & sisters as humankind or human beings. Finally I like to say & share there that the basic LIFE is the most essential mannerism on earth for humankind or human beings to talk about as educational culture & value at large. We breath same air drink same water & our blood are red & warm too! And here we share & contribute among us as humankind on earth. The rest is history to me personally. May all humankind theists or atheists well happy & peaceful living of to live & let live of co-existence in parallel on earth. Thank You!

  12. Haha! Singaporean liberal communism. Believe what you want as long as you don't interfere with pluralistic socialist values. The singaporeans are offered a socialist version of each religion. Then if you don't want one of their "refined" versions of the religions represented, guess what. YOU ARE JUDGED!

  13. 智商低下的人只会像动物一样互相攻击,看看中东,看看非洲,看看印尼,只有中国人占多数的地方才能实现和平。操他妈不要再扯西方傻逼的政治正确的蠢话。只有中国这个文明一直存在,难道不是因为我们喜爱和平,而得到上天的庇佑吗??!!新加坡的中国人,多生孩子,否则就过回印尼和马来西亚的悲惨日子!!!

  14. Buddhists preached to me before. Sokka version of Buddhists preached to me before. Catholics preached to me before. Evangelicals preached to me before. Atheists preached to me before. Taoists preached to me before. New Age preached to me before.

    The only ones I did not hear preaching from are the Muslims and the Hindus. But I did ask questions from Muslims about their religion before, then they talk to me. Hindus… too complicated for me… sorry, Lol

  15. Discussion about religion is better than socialising on media. Why? Because The truth is everwhere you do nothing benefit and end of the day you die you turn to God.

  16. We living in this world are not thinking about god. Just fame,fashion, and more to others. Living in a world which control your mind. Whos watching you? You dont know. End of the world you guys will know. Qiyamah. The day of judgement.

  17. The only religion that follows the way of life is islam. Sorry to say but its the fact. We muslims in the world are living crisis and haters.. People doesnt know.

  18. I got it, in an ideal environment we all can get along until you face extremism, especially from the left or from terrorism.

  19. Singaporeans want to openly discuss religious differences, the peculiarities of each religion and how they are impacted. But the Singapore govt does not allow it. The SG govt is afraid the discussion will ignite unrest. The SG govt is overly cautious. A mature discussion is possible.

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