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\par \pard\sa200 TS: Hello, I\rquote m here with
Hanna Feldman, she\rquote s from Grinnell College and a junior and just came off a very
successful outing at the 2012 Women\rquote s Midwest Conference Tennis Championships.
First of all it was a long weekend, a three-day weekend, I suppose you\rquote re pretty tired
right now.\par \par
HF: Actually no, I feel very happy, refreshed, not a lot of sleep but it feels great to be
back and getting into school again.\par \par
TS: Well you and your teammates started off on Friday by winning the team tournament;
there you had to defeat Carroll University first. You had a tough three-set singles match
which ended up being very pivotal because we beat Carroll 5-4. Talk about that match.\par
\par HF: I was very happy that we swept doubles,
we needed that sweep. Going into singles I thought, \ldblquote Just play your game, you
can be competitive.\rdblquote I had played the three girl in the previous season matchup,
so playing the four singles I felt a lot more confident because it was one step lower and
I thought I could beat her. Going into the third set I thought, \ldblquote ok, this is
your match right here.\rdblquote I had no idea how important it was when I was playing,
but Coach Mitchell was very grateful that I won it. I had to support Constanza and Catherine
to clinch it, and it was such a crucial match.\par \par
TS: Well then that led to a victory over Lake Forest College which not only clinched the
title for us, but it was even more exciting for the fact that Lake Forest had beaten us
earlier in the year. They had broken our long Midwest Conference South Division winning
streak. Talk about how nice that was to avenge the loss to Lake Forest and win the title.\par
\par HF: It was so great. First of all Julia and
I won the only doubles point. Then Constanza giving us that speech between the doubles
and singles matches was so crucial because it fired us all up and made us ready to play
singles and just go out there and attack. I was so ready to play and it was great to
win. Especially in two sets after Constanza had won, we needed that match so badly for
our own personal pride and for the school. It was great to win.\par
\par TS: That led to Saturday when you and Julia
Rumley won the number three title. The interesting thing there is you and Julia had only been
playing together consistently for about the past week. Talk about that, obviously you\rquote
d think there would be some adjustments to be made. Whatever there were you made them
pretty quickly you and Julia, talk about that.\par \par
HF: Well we communicated so much better than we had at the beginning of the season. It
was strange not having played with her that often, but we really connected. We stayed
positive and we moved really well. It was great because when I needed her she delivered,
and when she needed me I delivered. It was a great success and I feel like we really
bonded and communicated well. It was awesome.\par \par
TS: Well then that led to Sunday where you won your third Midwest Conference singles
title. You won the number five division the two previous seasons, this year you won number
four. How important was it the championship experience you had in the past winning these
titles. How important was it on Sunday? \par \par
HF: The first two matches I was very confident and I felt in great shape. I wasn\rquote t
as tired from the previous two days so those weren\rquote t as mentally challenging as
the final match. I felt really nervous for the final because I thought, \ldblquote this
is number four, this isn\rquote t number five, it\rquote s going to be a bit of a challenge
and a bit of a change\rdblquote . Then I remembered that I had won before, this is my game, I
was ready to attack. I knew what I had to do and I did it.\par
\par TS: Alright well again congratulations Hanna
Feldman, going through the weekend unbeaten, I failed to mention that earlier. What does
that feel like, knowing that you were perfect the entire weekend?\par
\par HF: It feels pretty great. My teammates kept
congratulating me and I was like, \ldblquote oh thank you\rdblquote . It just proves that
I am a good tennis player and I have room to improve, but I\rquote m already there and
it feels great to be there.\par \par
Ts: Wonderful, well thank you very much Hanna and congratulations.\par
\par HF: Thank you.\par
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